Thursday, June 25, 2009

My trip to heaven...

This is the place where I spend most of my vacationing every year at summer. It's called Ermioni and I have a house there ; it's a graphic, gorgeous village by the sea. Even though I've been spending my summers there since forever, every year I discover somethin' new about it. Last time I was there with a friend and we took some amazing pictures. Together we went a mini-trip to a gorge from where the view was breathtaking and my photography talent took place :P

I just lovee staring at this one. Much of a Demarchelier, aren't I?

I love photographing in my free time. Simple things like two wildflowers can look so artistic.

My mother! <3

Loves this one as well. Nature is always my inspiration.

On a sunny day...

One little gorgeous butterfly I found in a forest.

And other pictures...

Sometimes some simple things are so beautiful.

Hilary Duff - Any other day: "..On a day like any other day, sky's so blue it could take your breath away...And could ever fall apart, on day like it is today..?"

The view from a church shows Ermioni, the village where I spend most of my vacation.

Greece. Just Greece. <3

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