Friday, July 22, 2016

Skopelos Days 1 & 2

Hello there my lovely readers,

Where have I been? Well, as soon as my summer finals were over I headed out of town for a much needed vacation with the boyfriend. Our destination of choice: Skopelos island, Greece.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer Dresses For Everyone

Hello dear readers,

Did you miss me? (lie and say yes). I certainly missed you. Getting back into the game has been fun. I loved reading your positive feedback under my latest post, and I'm looking forward to pleasing you again.

I believe that the dress is the one summer piece of clothing that's the most covetable. It's easy to throw on, feminine and unfussy. The variety is so big it's sometimes hard to pick the styles that suit you. Below you'll find suggestions for different body types which might be helpful:

Summer Dresses For Everyone: Petite

Thank God over the years many clothing stores (although not enough) have created a line dedicated to petite ladies. Over at Asos there is a huge array of fab styles to choose from that has something for everyone. If yo have a very narrow frame, I would suggest to try out feminine, fit and flare cuts that give the illusion of curves in the right places. I think a midi dress is always a good option if you want to add height with the help of the right heel of course.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Get Them For Less: The Season's Hottest Items

Well hello there,

I know it's been freaking ages since I last posted. I went to Vienna to see my best friend, then I came back and then there was the (Orthodox) Easter holidays and after that I just felt uninspired. There's literally no excuse other than the latter. I just wasn't feeling piped or excited enough for something in order to write about it.

However as summer approaches day by day (not today though - it's gloomy and gray and gross), I'm starting to regain my enthusiasm and inspiration for all things fashion and beauty so brace yourselves for what's to come!

For today's post I came up with what I deem to be a pretty original idea: I present you the high-street dupes (as in Zara, Mango, H&M) of the season's hottest items. Because let's be honest, trends are fleeting and if money isn't exactly oozing out of your pockets, there's no reason why you should spend 500 on the shoe du moment (unless you just want to - which is an entirely different deal). However I'd never encourage someone to purchase a cheap imitation from an illegal source. We're not talking about knock-offs here, just affordable items that make for great alternatives to their net-a-porter counterparts.

Get It For Less: Stripes & Mules

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Streetstyle Inspiration: 6 Outfits To Try Now

Hello again my lovelies and happy Sunday!

How cool are Sundays. Seriously. Sleeping in, having some serious brunch and chilling at home all day in your pj's - priceless. If you're anything like me, you surely like to sneak in a little blog post too.

If there's one thing I'm grateful to fashion for, it's that it always encourages me to be in the moment. Trends, be it beauty, fashion, or cultural ones always push us to be present, to take notice in what's happening around us. This spring I've challenged myself to start feeling more in the moment and stop worrying about what's ahead. These are some somber times we live in, the least we can do for ourselves and our sanity is to make most of what's happening right now and stop stressing profusely about the future (which is something I've been guilty of).

So what is happening exactly in the fashion world right now? Streetstyle has been the main source of fashion inspiration for quite some time now and it's definitely shaping up the current fashion scene. From Alexander Wang to Gucci to Vetements, the street is the main point of reference when it comes to casual dressing.  This spring's street chic looks are unfussy, heavy on the denim, colorful and - what else -  effortlessly cool.

Here's a roundup of a few of my favorite street outfits to date and how to recreate them:


Streetstyle Inspired: Mixed Stripes

Thursday, March 31, 2016

6 Spring Beauty Trends To Try Now

Hello there,

It's a beautiful bright sunny day today it just makes me want to go out and wander through the city. However I'm stuck here working on this little blog post - which isn't too shabby either. Those sunshine-filled days of spring fuel my need for new makeup, or to be honest give me a perfect excuse to overload my wishlist.

So without further ado let's jump into the hottest makeup trends of the season:

Spring Beauty Trends: Blue Smokey Eyes

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring 2016 Trends How-To: Day-to-Night

Hello my lovely readers!

Long time, no see. How are you enjoying Spring so far? As the weather becomes warmer and warmer we find ourselves daydreaming about summer: long beaches, messy braids, tan skin, watermelon, frozen margueritas, effortless outfits and so on.

This is a very exciting season for me. I've found myself drawn to many of the hot Spring '16 trends and I can tell my wallet is already protesting. What I love about Spring and Summer style is that it's uncomplicated, unfussy, light, ethereal. At least that's my romanticized idea of it. There are so many streetstyle staples around these days: the denim mini skirt, the bomber jacket, the cropped flared jeans, the poplin cut-out shirts etc. But how do you take these items from street to evening chic? That's the challenge I'd like to tackle today.

Of course these aren't the only options, just mere suggestions. The possibilites are endless and they're entirely up to you. As you scroll through this post, you will find that often there are multiple trends combined in an outfit, even though the focus is on only one in each set. I did that so you can see how you can wear all these different trends together. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments section.


Cropped flares are basically the biggest jean trend we've seen in a while. They have a lightness to them while the cropped cut ellongates the leg, especially when paired with heels. It's fairly easy to style this streetstyle must during the day but questions arise once the sun has set. It's actually quite simple: find a fabulous metallic top, a pair of long earrings and high heeled mules (another huge trend this season), add a pop of color and you're good to go.

SS '16 Trends Day-to-Night: Cropped Flared Jeans