Monday, April 21, 2014

10 + 1 trends I just don't get (& exciting news!)

Happy Easter everyone!

I had a great time with my family this past couple of days, hope you did as well.
I haven't been posting a lot lately, but things with studying have gotten pretty intense since I have some tests I need to get through. Who says uni is all fun?

But before anything else, I need to talk to you about some MAJOR news: after a lot of thought and consideration, I will be launching a youtube channel during sometime next week, alongside my dear friend Vasileia. This is something that has been in the back of my mind for some time now, but I never had the right amount of time or resources to make it happen. When my friend Vasileia told me she had similar thoughts and really wanted to start a youtube channel, that's when we decided it would be best for us to join forces and create a channel that will include LOADS of tips and advice on fashion and beauty and also lifestyle-related things, DIYs, recipes etc. But I won't spill any further, as there will be plenty of time for that in the future.

Now, on to another crazy idea of mine - actually it's not that crazy, but it came to me out of nowhere, like most of my blog posts come to me.

I need to make a small disclaimer though: these opinions are 100% mine, meaning this post is only supposed to be fun, it's not what I would call an advice post, since everyone has their own personal taste and is allowed to wear whatever they want. I can be a little rough for the sake of making this an entertaining article, I am by no means intending to offend anyone who loves some of the trends mentioned below. What's great about fashion is that it's something universal and leaves space for so much creativity and freedom for everyone to pursue their own style.

These are just a few trends that just don't work for ME as I don't find them attractive.

90's shoes

90s is probably the biggest trend out there right now but I'm just not into it. I love some of the neat straight lines, the minimalism, the coats but what's with the shoes? They're ugly, bulky and unflattering. I think it goes without saying that they wouldn't never fit into my sense of style. In fact They are quite hard to pull off in general, because you need have that kind of style going anyways for them to be gracefully incorporated into your wardrobe.

Dresses with sneakers

I am not a sporty kind of gal. However I don't mind a casual, sporty look every now and then. Having said that, I just don't understand dresses and sneakers in the same outfit. It's not that I don't like contradictions in one outfit, I love an edgy element to a classic look but this one has wrong written all over it. It just looks off.

Bra tops

In my head: bras are underwear and tops are clothing. You can't mix these too. The end result is confusing. I am not a prude, but wearing a bra top in public makes me feel naked, there's just too much skin exposed. I know less is more, but less clothing is just not the way to go. Plus if you don't have abs like the girls in the picture above, going for that trend would mean a hot mess (and not in a good way).

Jeffrey Campbells

Or as I like to call them, "angry shoes". Why u so angry? They're so bold and in your face that it's overwhelming and they take away from whatever other elements you have going on in your outfit. I like a statement shoe, but one that doesn't scream "notice me". Plus, they're so over-worn that it looks like you're desperate to sport that "rock chick" style that everyone happens to think is cool.


I love colors but neon is just not my cup of tea. To me, it looks tacky and it makes my eyes hurt. I don't wanna stop traffic or glow in the dark. Sometimes subtlety is more than necessary.


Now,  I don't hate hate skorts. I just don't feel them. They have this awkward flap thing at the front which I don't find particularly attractive and they look like shorts from the back which I find odd. They're not a bad idea per se, and they look good on some people but like all excessively hyped trends, I tend to shy away from these when I go shopping.

Shirt tied around the waist

Where did that trend come from? I remembered doing that as a necessity when I was a kid and didn't want to carry my jacket around so I tied it around my waist to free my hands. But now that's a thing? I suppose it is, since absolutely everyone these days has a shirt hanging from their hips. To me it looks unnatural and 'forced' like a lot of the trends these days. It gives me this vibe, like "I'm trying to look effortless and cool but in my desperate attempt I achieve the exact opposite". Yeah sure, when Rihanna does it it's cool, when girls at my uni do it though, it looks kinda stupid (I mean, I do appreciate the effort but please stop).

Vertical black and white stripes

Oh my god, I get a headache just by looking at this. First off, mixing vertical and horizontal stripes is just migraine causing. Horizontal stripes on their own are cool, and they give off that nautical vibe which is very elegant for summer. Vertical stripes on their own, are just something I don't like. I can't put my finger on why I hate them, I just do. It's like they remind of something but it's a casse-tete for me so I won't bother trying to figure it out.

Ombre hair

Is there one girl who hasn't succumbed to that much-loved beauty trend? If there is one, that's me. At first I thought it was okay, but when every one else decided it was cool and dyed their hair according to this technique I started to resent it. Of course, there are variations to this style and some of them I like (especially the most natural-looking ones) but the classic ombre look as pictured above is not my thing. I prefer a similar technique called balayage - if you're not familiar, you can google it - it's much better.

Stiletto nails

I despise those long witch-y nails to the bone. They look cheap and tacky and they remind me of prostitutes. Not elegant at all, ladies! Only Lana can wear these nails with grace. But honest question: what can you do with those nails? I'm pretty sure they're the opposite of practical. To be perfectly honest, I am not a fan of this whole nail-art thing anyway. I like my nails, clean, filed and kept to a short to medium length with just nail polish and topcoat. The rest is blatant.

Drawn-on eyebrows

What happened to going natural? I don't understand at all why I should need 5 different products to do my eyebrows. To enhance their shape and have them well groomed is one thing, to paint them on though, is another. I do agree that nice eyebrows frame one's face and bring out their eyes etc etc but what's with all that eyebrow-craze? Of course some girls have lighter eyebrows and some have thicker ones naturally, but going overboard isn't the answer. For me, just filling the sparse areas with an angled brush and some sheer matte brown powder is just fine.

What do you think? 
which trends are your least favorite?
do tell me in the comments below!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Ultimate Guide To Celebrity Style

How many times have you skimmed through magazine pages and scoured the web in order to unlock the secrets to celeb-like fashion sense? I've always been infatuated with celebrities and their sense of style, whether that is innate or the product of a stylist's work. I used to follow various "get the celebrity look" websites like a maniac and I was always out to see what my favorite style stars would wear next. I still love to watch shows like Fashion Police and I'm the first to check out red carpet shots in order to spot the 'hits and misses'.
However, over the years, I learned, not how to copy their style, but how to draw inspiration from it only to incorporate it gracefully into my own personal sense of style. Just because I like a certain way of dressing on someone doesn't mean it'd look good on me. I also came to the realization that a lot of the things that celebrities wear are not practical because they're not your 9 to 5 kind of apparel. Celebs often wear things because they will be seen and photographed, because they wanna advertise something and because they need to uphold a certain status. Everyone knows it's highly unrealistic to walk around while shopping in 5 inch heels but celebrities do it all the time because it's their job to look uncommon and unattainable.
Younger stars though do tend to look a lot more approachable style-wise because usually that's the kind of profile they want to promote: the down-to-earth girl-next-door that teens can relate to. Their managers and stylists want them to wear things that the everyday gal can afford and wear without hesitation.
It's not rocket science really: just like normal people, celebrities too fall into style categories but that doesn't mean they're not allowed to deviate and explore different styles every now and then. But their flamboyant personalities, (sometimes) bright talent and of course, the teams of image experts that surround them make everything they put on seem more fab. Let's take a few notes.
(note that most of the pictures are candid streetstyle photos for the sake of making this post more relatable, because there wouldn't be much of a point in discussing about red carpet gowns that obviously most of us cannot wear)




(click on the arrows on the sides to see more)

These gals look like they've escaped from a pin-up poster but at the same time don't look that unworldly kind of perfect. They're fun and even quirky sometimes in their comfy ballerina flats and easy breezy floral dresses. They make sure they don't miss out on the fun, they love color, patterns and all things sweet: bows, polka-dots, cats, floral prints, pearls, curls. They will always stay loyal to their personal sense of style and hesitate to try the more fashion-forward trends. They will also hold on to red lipstick religiously.




Those glam girls are the absolute Hollywood starlets. They love everything that shines, lush fabrics, extravaganza, large shades, heavy makeup, fake tanning. They really go for it. All of it. They don't hold back on the glitz and the glam. Their skin glows and their hair is long and shiny. They strut flawlessly in stilettos from day to night, often wearing big floppy hats, looking away from the paps and holding close their 2,000$ purse. They party hard and travel in their private jets while popping champagne bottles and Instagram all of it along the way.






These are the "don't give a f-" kind of girls. They don't have a care in the world. They do black a lot - like, a lot. They know how to wear the "I didn't even try" look right. They are rebellious and don't care about always looking put together and pretty. In fact most of the time they don't. They barely wear any makeup, usually go for pants and basically aim for comfort. Boots are absolutely necessary for this kind of look. They love bands' t-shirts, ripped denim, Ray-bans, leather, sneakers, backpacks, rings, awkward poses and also some more leather (did I mention leather?).




These ones are fierce women that are set to push the boundaries. They are repelled by anything common and ordinary and crave excitement and challenges. They don't wanna be accused of being boring because they don't feel like it. They're gifted, bright people who wanna celebrate their originality. Or, sometimes they just wanna grab attention. They love colors, volume, unrealistically high heels, crazy patterns, cartoon-like shapes and drama. They also change their mind like a girl changes clothes (pun intended, yeah).




That's my favorite category and if I ever was a celebrity that's the one I'd probably fall into (hehe). These ladies are the absolute fashionistas. They are chic and always put together even if they wear skinny jeans with a simple sweater. They got elegance running in their veins. They're royalty even in their simplest outfit. When you ask them who their favorite designer is, they won't reply you with a predictable answer like "Gucci", they're probably gonna tell you something like Altuzarra or Jason Wu or Proenza Schouler. They're cool and hip and urban and they love New York, culture, gourmet food and travelling to unlikely destinations. They always wanna be in the know and they wanna live a fabulous lifestyle that consists of high quality and exceptional taste in everything they do.




That's my second to favorite category. Girls like them are the California dream. They sport everything with ease and always look for comfort and style at the same time. They're modern and they just wanna have fun. They love the sunshine, denim shorts, scarves, boots and Isabel Marant. They're those cool LA girls that drive their convertibles down Santa Monica boulevard and live their lives either on the beach or shopping in Hollywood. Two things are for sure: they know how to have  a good time and they look the part too.
 Hope you liked this post!
Who is your favorite style star?
Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Friday, March 21, 2014

From Winter To Spring: 8 tips to step into the season

Happy first day of Spring my lovely readers!
I am so excited that the weather is starting to get sweet again, makes me crave summer even more!
However, transitions from season to season can be tricky, as the weather and our mood changes.
Those first weeks of spring can be very confusing, I am constantly questioning myself "is this sweater too heavy or is this shirt too light", "if I wear this I'll be hot by midday and if I don't I'll be cold in the evening", "is this print too summer-y, is this scarf too wintry" and so on.
I'll make an effort to help you through this frustrating process by giving you a few tips on how to change up your wardrobe and how to update your style in order to adjust.


Depending on where you live, heavy duty outerwear might still be necessary but in sunny Greece, it's time to put those away and bring out jackets of all sorts. I love a good leather jacket for a toughened up look or a structured blazer for a sophisticated outfit that works from morning till night. My suggestion is if a coat is too warm for the daytime but a lighter jacket is too light for the evening, wear a cardigan underneath your jacket, that way you won't be cold when the sun sets and you still will be able to take it off when you feel hot.


Chunky knit scarves are a winter wardrobe staple but in spring they feel kinda meh. Swap those with a more flowy, lighter version with a cute print on it.


Time to let go of this Christmas-y sweaters that scream winter and go for a fun, printed sweatshirt instead. It's light enough for a warm day and provides enough coverage for the evening (especially if layered). Sweatshirts have made a huge comeback and this is the season to don them.


A loaded texture, like jacquard for example, can be too overpowering as we go into spring, a print is what the season calls for. Less is more!


Winter style is a lot about structure, heavily layered looks and thicker fabrics. Spring and summer are all about comfort. Who wants to walk around in a skin tight leather skirt when the temperature is 100 degrees?


I love me a good old flannel shirt but polka dots are so much cuter for spring, don't you think? To double the fun, combine the two prints in one outfit. Mixing and matching is key to a good, unpredictable look.


I love my boots but I've grown so tired of them after wearing them for 4 months straight. I'm definitely ready for some comfy flats that won't make my feet sweat.


I know black is an all-season color but it's time to lighten up. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping and I need to wear something that matches my mood more appropriately which means I gotta ditch those pretty but more sad burgundies and greys.
Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Happy Spring everyone!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fall 2014 Collections Recap, Part 2



top row: Alice + Olivia/ Lanvin/ Milly
bottom row: Michael Kors/ Stella McCartney/ Oscar De La Renta


top row: Altuzarra/ Burberry Prorsum/ Celine/ Moschino
bottom row: Delpozo/ Giorgio Armani/ Derek Lam


top row: 3.1 Phillip Lim/ Burberry Prorsum/ Marc Jacobs/ Haider Ackermann
bottom row: Fendi/ Marc By Marc Jacobs/ Chanel/ Tibi/ Thakoon


top row: Alexander Wang/ Badgley Mischka/ Jil Sander/ Kaufmanfranco
bottom row: Bottega Veneta/ Delpozo/ Marc Jacobs/ Vionnet/ Rebecca Minkoff


top row: Valentino/ DSquared2/ Jason Wu
bottom row: Michael Kors/ Zac Posen/ Derek Lam/ Dion Lee


top row: Alice + Olivia/ Calvin Klein Collection/ J. Mendel/ Marc Jacobs
bottom row: Balmain/ Valentino/ Hugo Boss/ DVF


top row: Alexander Wang/ Christopher Kane/ Jonathan Saunders/ Balenciaga
bottom row: Eudon Choi/ Helmut Lang/ Celine/ Dries Van Noten






Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fall 2014 Collections Recap, Part 1

Fashion week is officially over and now after lots of time spent on looking through collections, I have finally gathered all that you need to keep in mind. Fall seems to be far away, so I won't be spending your precious time on over-analyzing hem lengths and fabric choices but let's take a look at the things that are to become the next big things in fashion.
I made some beautiful collages featuring all the trends that I spotted while I was checking what designers had to show for next Fall. Take a look below:


Top row: DVF/ Jonathan Saunders/ Jenny Packham/ Christian Dior/ Dennis Basso
Bottom row: Dries Van Noten/ Chanel/ Valentino/ Versace/Oscar De La Renta


Alice + Olivia/ Dolce & Gabbana/ Erdem/ MSGM


Top row: Cushnie et Ochs/ Badgley Mischka/ Christopher Kane/ Dsquared2
Bottom row: Lanvin/ Moschino/ Versace/Valentino


from top left clockwise: Mary Katrantzou/ Dries Van Noten/ MSGM/ Dolce & Gabbana/ Kenzo/ Stella McCartney/ DVF


Top row: Burberry Prorsum/ DVF/ Dries Van Noten/ Moschino
Bottom row: Proenza Schouler/ Peter Pilotto/ Oscar De La Renta/ Nicole Miller


Top row: Alice + Olivia/ Altuzarra/ Burberry Prorsum/ Jenny Packham/ Dennis Basso/ Roland Mouret
Bottom row: Balenciaga/ Dries Van Noten/ Vionnet/ Thakoon/ Stella McCartney/ Oscar De La Renta


Top row: 3.1 Phillip Lim/ Christopher Kane/ Derek Lam/ Dion Lee
Bottom row: Hugo Boss/ Jil Sander/ Giorgio Armani/ Thakoon


from top left clockwise: Thakoon/ Badgley Mischka/ Delpozo/ Rag & Bone/ Isabel Marant/ Saint Laurent/ Rebecca Minkoff


Top row: Alice + Olivia/ Badgley Mischka/ DVF/ Erdem/ J. Mendel/ Jason Wu/ Jenny Packham/ Jonathan Saunders
Bottom row: Dennis Basso/ Lanvin/ Marc Jacobs/ Mary Katrantzou/ Monique Lhuillier/ Narciso Rodriguez/ Tom Ford/ Miu Miu


Top row: Altuzarra/ Bottega Veneta/ J. Mendel/ Dennis Basso/ Roland Mouret
Bottom row: Balenciaga/ Vionntet/ Thakoon/ Peter Pilotto/ Prada


Top row: Bottega Veneta/ Christopher Kane/ Derek Lam/ Helmut Lang/ Isabel Marant
Bottom row: Dries Van Noten/ MSGM/ Vionnet/ Oscar De La Renta/ Miu Miu
 Part 2 coming soon

Leave thoughts below,


Sunday, March 2, 2014


These cold, dull days make me wanna step out and do something so I can feel less bored. Brunch is one of my favorite things so dressing up + food + friends = perfect day.
I found this new place called "New York Sandwiches" and it's everything. It really has that American diner feel and I couldn't love it more for that. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bagels, burgers and everything in between. Us girls need a little calorie fest from time to time!
I'm sorry I don't have more pictures of the food, we ordered so many dishes but as soon as we were served we couldn't help ourselves! The beautiful plates were already ruined before I could say "click". Hopefully though I managed to snap those delicious pancakes which were served last.
The day was cold so I went for my fav knitted white tights a la Blair Waldorf, pink shirt, striped cardi and black mini skirt, a couple of long chain necklaces, ballet flats and a pink plaid jacket.
Don't mind my hair, the humid weather made it fall a little flat. Hate that when it happens.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Oscars 2014: The Gowns We Want To See

The idea for this post came to me out of nowhere, it just popped into my head: the gowns we wish to see on our favorite celebs at this year's Academy Awards.
World famous actors and actresses are about to parade on the red carpet this Sunday on the most important night for the movie industry. This year, I am so excited to see who's gonna win for I've watched many of the movies that are nominated and I'm rooting for a lot of people to win (Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio to name a few).
This post is no gown-prediction kind of post. It's about what I'd like to see on the gorgeous females that are nominated given their taste and style.
I made a little set of paperdolls (which I put together myself - it took forever so if you don't mind, please make a comment to let me know which one is your favorite) and I put a lot of thought into what dress suits which celeb.
Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite young actress. She's a natural beauty, she's down to earth, genuine, spontaneous but also elegant. There is no doubt in my mind that she's gonna go for Dior Couture, since she's the famous house's face but this dress by Stephane Rolland is something I could 100% envision her wear (maybe the fact that there's something very Dior about it).
Lupita Nyong'o is the new thing that has everyone talking in the fashion world. She caught our eye at the Golden Globes, wowed at fashion week and now everyone's out to see what she's going to wear next. I'd love to see her in a beautiful emerald structured gown that will look phenomenal against her complexion and will sit beautifully on her toned body.
Cate Blanchett was my personal favorite at the 2014 Golden Globes. She looked as classy and as refined as ever in Armani. Now I'd like to see her in an amethyst fitted Zuhair Murad floor length gown. She's proven she can work sheer fabrics before so this should be a piece of cake.
Amy Adams is stunning but she has sort of underwhelmed me with some of her previous red carpet choices. I'd love to see her sport a romantic, girly gown that will complement her skin and hair tone. Zuhair Murad does it best.
And now to finish this off, Sandra Bullock (who was really good in Gravity - but I'm not sure if she must win), usually a risk taker, must go for this amazing, embellished Armani Prive dress. No worry about those spaghetti straps - her toned arms put younger women to shame. There's something romantic about this dress, but also something eerie and dark too and I couldn't love it more.