Wednesday, August 30, 2017

F/W 2017-'18 Trend Report Part I

For many, the end of summer is the most depressing time of the year.

Not for fashion enthusiasts though. Because the end of summer coincides with the most exciting month for fashion, September. New collections flood the stores, September issues and blogs are filled to the brim with trend reports and fresh editorials and of course, Fashion Month kicks off, so it's safe to say that ispiration isn't running thin.

This is probably one of my favorite posts to make, because trend reports have this old-school feel to them that takes me back to my childhood, when I was skimming through my mother's magazines, marvelling at all the runway shots, memorizing designer and model names, absorbing it all in. There was a time in fashion where trend reports, especially the September ones were everything, the most important piece of the year. So, in respect of this tradition, I present you with all my favorite trends from my favorite collections with a short analysis for each one.

Throughout the collections, I think there's one element that jumps out the most: power. The new styles exude confidence, authority and self determination. Boxy shoulders, sexy boots, maxi coats, suits and bold color are defining a new fashion era with plenty of retro references that range from the 60s to the 90s and the early 00s.

Now let's examinate each trend one-by-one:

Fall 2017 Trends: Power Suit
Altuzarra / Monse / Tibi / Bottega Veneta / Calvin Klein

Sunday, January 15, 2017

How To Update Your Style Mid-Winter

This time of year can be pretty boring. The inspiration runs thin. The weather is cold and dull, the holidays are well behind us, work and commitments beckon and you're stuck in your routine where nothing feels new or exciting.

Fashion can reflect that too. You're kind of over the glam Christmassy looks, the dark palette, the heavy knits but you're still (what feels like) eons away from spring and summer.  So what can you do to freshen up your mid-winter wardrobe? While the sales are still on, you can snag a couple of versatile pieces that will make the transition from winter to early spring that much easier. 


The Victorian blouse isn't going anywhere anytime soon. This ultra-romantic style will continue dominating our top choices in 2017 so grab a couple on sale now.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Is "Dressing For Your Body Type" No Longer A Thing?

This think piece will be quite controversial but I'm open to hearing your thoughts on the matter, however different they may be. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Outfits Of The Week: 11/7 - 11/13

Hello everyone,

Today's post is a follow-up on my weekly outfit series (you can find the previous installment here). I love doing these casual lookbook type of posts, so you can see what I'm actually wearing on a day to day basis. That way you can draw inspiration and find ways to update your current style in a realistic way.

So let me guide you through my weekly wardrobe for mid-November:

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gift Guides For Everyone

Hello my lovely readers,

Feeling festive yet? Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year and I'm beyond thrilled that we're finally entering into full-on holiday season. I can't wait for fairy lights everywhere, cozy nights in with hot cocoa, Christmas food, music and all that jazz. But most of all I crave that warm, fuzzy feeling that you get around Christmas, that positive spirit that makes every day special and everything seem nicer. It's as if only for a month problems seem to go away a bit. 

And part of the Christmas spirit -or rather the core of it- is, of course, giving. Making the effort to get something for a loved one that you know will please them, giving to charity or even the simplest act of kindness towards a stranger in need is what this season is all about. And that doesn't have to be a religious thing, it should only come from the heart.

Okay, enough cheese for now, let's get onto my Holiday 2016 gift suggestions! I tried to make these as inclusive as possible but still edited so they don't seem overwhelming. From a huge array of stuff I narrowed down my top picks for everything from homewear to beauty to loungewear to boys. As you may notice I refrained from adding fashion suggestions, since fashion is something so personal that I can't suggest anything 'universal'; only you know your friend/relative's style! To be honest, I personally don't often gift people clothing/shoes (especially women) unless I know their style and size very well. 

Gift Guide: Home: The Colorful Edition

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Runway To Bathroom: Les Copains F/W 2016-17 Makeup Look

Hello my lovely people,

I am so excited to start - or rather follow up on - this new series of beauty blog posts. Last year I did another recreation of a runway inspired makeup look which you can find here with a detailed how-to guide on bronzing and strobing for an effortless, slightly 70s inspired sunkissed look.

Today I have for you one of my favorite, go-to makeup looks that looks polished yet unfussy at the same time. No need to have major makeup artist skills to master this. Just a couple of brushes, a cleansed moisturized face and a few handy products! This look requires a very small amount of makeup products which is no surprise since runway makeup is usually very minimal and lighthanded. No contouring, not a bazillion different eyeshadows, no crisp winged eyeliner, nada. Just easy, chic, glowing makeup.

Here how to achieve it: