Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last Minute New Year's Makeup Ideas

Hello folks of the internets,

The new year is only hours away - if you're on this side of the planet at least (in case it's already 2018 where you are: HAPPY NEW YEAR! *fireworks*). And while the big event is usually held on the eve, the festivities can last a few days more so I decided to provide you with that much needed inspo in case you're stuck in a rut.

I get it - no one's super organized with a plan of outfits and makeup looks to wear for the entirety of the holiday season and by this time of the year, it's natural that the inspiration is running a bit dry since you've probably tried a ton of different looks already.

However my piece of advice is - and this is not just pertinent to makeup - NYE doesn't have to look a certain way and you don't either. A lot of times that fun we're supposed to have on that night can feel a bit forced. You don't have to dress in head-to-toe sequins and metallics and you certainly don't need to glam up if you don't feel like it. If NYE fun means jeans and a movie for you, then you do you! The guide below is meant to offer a couple makeup ideas if you actually do decide to go to that party or that fancy restaurant and simply want to try something new for a change. The options given here are mere suggestions, definitely not a must-do. I for one, over the years have decided to stop giving so much emphasis on that day and that has lifted so much of that "must-have-fun" pressure.

So to cut this short, here ya go:

Holiday Makeup: Emerald Eyes

Because gold and silver are for the weak. Jk. If you're not gonna bust out that fun colourful shade for NYE then when? That day is the perfect excuse to go all out and finally rock that risqué color you've always been afraid of. It won't look intimidating when paired with neutrals and a very fresh face and lip combo. Just make sure to build the intensity slowly. Don't start with a super dark opaque shade that will be a nightmare to diffuse. Start with a cream and keep adding powder eyeshadows on top, taking your time to blend in between and trust me, the result will be mesmerizing.

Holiday Makeup: Copper Lids & Cherry Lips

Another dary combo, but a definite winner especially if you're blue-eyed. Warm eyeshadows are all the rage atm and adding that glossy cherry pout will be the perfect modern twist. My tip though would be to avoid heavy lining, falsies and dark shades to keep it looking fresh and easy. It's a look that could go clown-ish when overdone so again, skin must be nearly bare and translucent, blush minimal and brows natural. To get perfect precision never underestimate the power of the lip brush. Add light layers until you reach your desired opacity. If it's too bold for you, you can simply choose to wear the lipstick as a stain by applying a light layer and blotting it off with a tissue or simply by dabbing it on with your finger (the latter will give a less sharp but slightly more lived-in look).

Holiday Makeup: Wine Eyes

As mentioned already warm tones are all the rage so why not take the plunge and opt for those deep sultry burgundies instead of that same old brown shade? Benefit from the spreadability and blendability of a cream texture that will for sure garner a more polished/editiorial-like result. If it's too bruisy-looking for you (some actually like it that way!) add a touch of glitter (pressed ones are best) and that will immediately lift the whole thing. If you're feeling extra sassy you could even add a bit of eye gloss - the longevity of which I can't guarantee though so if you're planning on a looong night out it might be a little risky. Again super fresh, moisturized skin and nearly-bare lips will do the job of making the look effortless and chic.

Holiday Makeup: Hot Pink Lips

For those who simply can't be bothered with the admittedly time-consuming process that is a smoky eye, the good ol' bold lip comes to the rescue. However instead of the usual red, this time around you could give a bright fuschia shade a go. Make sure the undertone isn't clashing too much with your own skintone and you'll be good to go. Easy and fuss-free.

Holiday Makeup: Heavy Metal

We all know that metallics are no news when it comes to holiday makeup, but it's the way you wear them that could change the game. Try wearing a full creamy layer of yummy metallic shadow all over the lid and up to the brow bone for a show-stopping effect. If it's an unorthodox shade too, then more power to you!

Holiday Makeup: Sophisticated Smoky Glitter

And last but not least, a rather more mundane choice albeit a safe bet is the trusty glittery smoky eye. The trick to make it look sophisticated is to not load it with with super harsh eyeliner wings and crazy false lashes. And of course, I know I probably sound like a broken record by this point, keep skin and lips super fresh and minimal. Any heavy element on the face can always look aging if you don't balance out the rest.

If you do try any of these let me know and...



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