Saturday, December 16, 2017

How To Wear White Jeans In Winter

Americans have a rule that says "no white after Labor Day", which is a holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September. Any white garment  remotely reminiscent of summer escapades after that mark is considered a fashion faux pas. 

However over the last couple of years this rule seems to have no bearing on modern, fashion-forward women - along with plenty of other fashion rules. The lines between what's season-appropriate and what's not seem to be getting more and more blurry as time goes on. Almost anything goes, as long as it's properly styled. 

French women in particular seem to champion this kind of approach when it comes to their style. The Parisian aesthetic although classic in its core, doesn't like rules and restrictions. Which is why we've been seeing a ton of white denim worn not only in September but all the way into the dead of winter. White jeans not only can be perfectly appropriate for the colder months, they can be a fashion statement reserved for those who know how to tackle it correctly. It's really not that difficult to get it right if you keep in mind those few points which I'm going to break down for you right away:


Unfortunately not all white denim is fit for this kind of styling. Avoid the paper-thin, almost see through types that scream summer - and if you ask me, avoid them in general not just during winter. Opt for classic, thicker white jeans preferably in an off-white shade. 


The way to winter-ize this wardrobe staple is to combine it with more lush textures and fabrics such as fur jackets, knitwear, wool coats, velvet blazers etc. Also keep the palette in check by pairing it with fall/winter shades of burgundy, camel, grey, brown and of course black. Avoid light colored prints and florals which could take it to springtime territory.


Accessories can play a huge role in updating a look and making it seasonal. Blanket scarves, suede boots, gloves, tweed caps, layered pearl necklaces can all breathe new life into a classic pair of white jeans and make it ultra winter-chic. 


If the above seems a bit too much work, keep the rest of the outfit black and job is done. Simple and effective.

Would you dare to do it? Let me know how you feel about this new trend in the comments section!

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