Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ray of Light

Summer in Athens is almost unberable..Too much heat, too much gas in the air, too much air conditioning..Under that heating, burning sun, I took some pictures with one dress that I found at Topshop during my one-week fantastic trip to London. It is so sad that there aren't any Topshop stores in Greece and I always wanted to shop from there. Of course there is online shopping but I don't think I'll ever get used to it. It might be more comfortable for some, because you can choose and find whatever you like just by Googling and not wander all over the city in order to find this 'perfect' dress you need for the party. But, it's definitely not even close to enter a shop, try on clothes, and getting out of it with something that now belongs to you. I might sound like Rebecca Bloomwood right now, but believe me, I'm not an addict :P Yet.

I might have taken that a little bit off, but anyways, I really loved Topshop and I hope we have in Greece soon. Besides Topshop, I loved London in general, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I wanna go back so bad! (Hey that sounded like a title of a song, didn't it? :P) But one thing you won't find in London: Greek Burning Sun. Real summer.

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You like?
Athena :)


  1. Yes Athens does get pretty hot huh? Last time I was there, it was the second day and I got caught in the summer rains!! My parents are heading there tomorrow to look at yachts. At least you have summer!

    I love your outfit by the way, I am such a huge fan of topshop too, I get a little obsessed with it sometimes.. x

  2. gorgeous heels and nail polish shades, they sit perfectly with the dress and accessory choices. x

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    With love, Samm

  4. Gorgeous dress and jewelry! I totally know what you mean about real shopping versus online shopping!

    And thank you for the incredibly sweet comment on my blog!


  5. channel nail polish ? If im not in error its 527 and i loveeeee this color !

    great blog!
    kiss M and S (we 15 years old too;))

  6. Beautiful outfit! I love the dress I wish I had one myself. New follower :)


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  8. That is a lovely dress paired with a terrific necklace and shoes. Looks very humid out there in greece, but the scenery is beautiful nonetheless.
    Hope you're able to stay cool.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog ;)


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