Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So Yesterday

Oh well, well. Since you like the whole "my philosophy" kind of post, I decided to make another one. "Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger" like GaGa says :P Well, I've been watching all the Fall '10 collections these days 'cause I wanna do some trend reports for winter soon, and I noticed one thing. No over-knee boots this year. The whole last year's 'over-knee' frenzy ended just like that and I really don't like to whine about those things, but these trends that come and go kind of piss me off. What yesterday was a "must-have", today is a "not anymore". And all this stuff you bought last year in the trend craziness now is garbage. And with the whole financial crisis and everything, we're not particularly able to spend our money everywhere on things that last for only one season.

So I made up this rule. Don't ever fall for the 'huge' trends that the magazines praise and everybody goes crazy about. When you see that something is worn by everybody and seen everywhere it only means that it's another trend that will be over as soon as the season's over. Besides, what really makes the difference (and what makes fashion in the first place), is wearing things that other people don't.

A true style icon isn't somebody who just wears what the magazines say he should. A true style icon doesn't have should's, have-to's and -the so-called - 'must-haves'. I true style icon is a trendsetter. And by definition that means: someone who sets a trend, not someone who wears the trend that someone else set. So, really, all these Hollywood stars who all of sudden, out of nowhere become "style icons" overnight just because they hired a decent stylist, are just a lie. Very few are these who truly have an eye for fashion. And those are the stars who don't fake anything, who don't pretend to be something, and who don't act like the whole world revolves around them.

Okay, so I might changed the subject a bit, but my point stays the same. Don't wear just what you're told to, 'cause that's just not what's gonna make you special. Wear what you like, what makes you feel comfortable and what YOU think suits you best. Don't follow blindly someone else's style, establish yours.

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Lindsay Lohan sporting over-knee boots. You are so yesterday LiLo, so yesterday.




  1. I was never a fan of over the knee boots.

  2. Lindsay looks really weird in that picture....like really tall and skinny but in a bad way XD
    And I totally agree, I hate crazy trends, I'll wear them if I like them and think I will use them for a long time to come, but if I don't like it I won't wear it just because everyone else is.

  3. Gorgeous look!

  4. I have JUST discovered your blog and I fell in love! I love everything about it and I am now a follower :)
    Niki x o x o
    feel free to take a wander round my blog and maybe follow?? x


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