Friday, November 12, 2010

Lanvin for H&M Review

I was so glad a few days ago to see finally the items of the Lanvin for H&M collection since Lanvin is one of my favorite fashion brands, and I had lots of anticipation for the result of this collaboration. Of course, I had my thoughts concerning the final quality of the items, and I was sure it wouldn't be as good as the original. Okay, so when the items I saw the video with the presentation-ad (the one I posted some days back) I was super thrilled, I thought it would be huge, it would be nothing like H&M's previous collaborations, and that I should start saving money!

But when I actually took a deeper look at the items, I must say they were not exactly what I expected. Some pieces look really good, still not Lanvin-like but decent, like the one shouldered belted dresses. But some others were a huge let down. I could tell that the collection rather seems more like H&M for Lanvin than Lanvin for H&M. And it's not just the type or the quality of the material. I wasn't expecting to get taffeta and chiffon with 150$. But at least I was expecting a better shape, an illusion of high fashion. The kind of illusion that I get from Zara. I swear if Lanvin would collaborate with Zara they would make miracles! I am just surprised with how Alber compromised with such cheap looking jewelry.

However, I don't like to brag all the time, there were some bright exceptions, like the black lacy ruffled skirt, the pink floral ruffled dress(even though if you ask me, it looks more like spring/summer couture than fall/winter but anyway), the bag and maybe the gloves. 

I am interested in hearing your opinions as well!!
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  1. Hey cute blog!!!! Will you check out mine? it's new and i'd love to have you as a follower, i hope to hear from you soon

  2. Hi... I think the Lanvin for H&M collection is quite expensive. So... I'll buy something only if the quality will be good!
    I'm glad you visited my blog!

  3. The collection is really great and I'm esp loving the black ballerina dress with golden belt...too bad there's no H&M shop here in Bulgaria and I have no cards for online shopping...anyway cute blog:))))

  4. I totally agree. I'm never impressed with anything that rolls through H&M because, well, it's still H&M. No, thanks.

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. I think that it's overpriced for H&M, specially since the items are Made in China (so I read). Some things are nice, actually, but still...

  6. thank u so much for your lovely comment! u have a great fashion blog! can't wait for the lanvin collection! I wanna have the fur jacket:)

    xx, Sabinna from 'broken cookies'

  7. So excited for this collection...

    you have a lovely blog!! Thank you for the lovely comment, I really appreciate it!

    xx - L

  8. thx so much for stopping by! this is such a great review...i agree, the one shoulder dresses are pretty amazing (love the purple one!) but it's disappointing the other pieces aren't as well constructed and tailored. zara def has well made pieces which separates themselves from the H&M and F21s.

  9. Oh wow some gorgeous pieces there!!

  10. I know I'm late on commenting to the Lanvin topic, but I need to get it off my chest. Ha.

    As much as I think the H&M collection was cute and nifty, I could already tell the actual item wouldn't be nearly as nice. Too many ruffles in mass production can only mean trouble. Not to mention the fit isn't designed for everyone's body shape. So basically, this was a fail all together. No offense to anyone for purchasing items, but in my opinion, they could have done better as they have the potential to.


  11. i am not impressed with this collection at all. none of these clothes are figure flattering and some are bordering on halloween costume. really disappointed because lanvin has great simple, classic and sexy pieces, and i feel like he didnt give the designs for h&m much thought. basically, they look cheap. the accessories are cute tho.


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