Monday, April 4, 2011

Perfection Overload

I could say there's no such thing as perfect. Then again I could say that's wrong, there's plenty of admirable, perfect things around us that we look up to and drool over. Like Megan Fox, for example. Many would say she's damn perfect. Or Blake Lively. Or these Victoria's Secret models. Others would argue that they would all look pretty average sans the make-up/clothes/plastic surgeries etc. I'd rather not pick sides.

I guess what makes these women perfect is not clothes, or make-up or any plastic surgeon whatsoever. I think it's us. The way we praise them and make them into what they sell as. Perfect 5'10 women with long tan legs and wide blue eyes. We look at them as gods, as 'angels' that will guide us to the land of perfection. And that's where we lose it. Our excessive effort to get there really gets us nowhere. Trying too hard is never the way. Trying to ressemble to the air-brushed picture on the magazine, which looks fantastic nevertheless, will be just a waste of significant time and energy.

Of course, what I'm not suggesting in any way, is that girls stop taking care of themselves. But it's just the perfect part (in the way 'perfect' is considered to be) that's just too hard/painful/pointless to try to get to.

Of course there are perfect women. But, let's define 'perfect' first. From the way I see things, perfect is not the type of woman pictured above, but don't expect me to say anything about the struggling-mother-next-door, I don't intend to sound THAT cheesy.

 I guess perfect are these people -and not just women- that are able to combine multiple things/abilities. I'm talking about strong independent people with an intense sense of style and taste, that can excel at many parts of their lives. Being a mother is admirable but being only a mother leaves a few empty spaces in your life, right? What about career, what about yourself, what about social life? What about life, in general? Being good at one thing is good, being good at many things, well, THAT is perfect to me.

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