Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Olivia Palermo for ELLE Ukraine

This gorgeous woman..she's always been an inspiration to me for her flawless -or not- sense of style (she's one of the very few celebs which I admire like that) which is all her and not some celeb stylist's work. Every time she attends a fashion show or any event or just when the paparazzi snap her on the street I just go straight ahead on tumblr to save me some pictures or create a "Get the look:Olivia Palermo" set on Polyvore.

This time though, it actually WAS the stylist who did the job but for an amazing cover photoshoot in April's ELLE Ukraine issue. Photographed by Andoni & Aranxta and styled by Natalia Osadchaya, she managed yet once again to look marvellous in Lanvin, Mango and more high-end brands while her make up was done by Megumi Itano.

I rarely post photoshoots and stuff, but this one I felt I had to share with you.

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Image sources: fashiony.ru

That's all for today!


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