Saturday, June 28, 2014

Trend breakdown: Mixed Prints

As I was looking through random Olivia Palermo outfits on pinterest (check out my pinterest account here) trying to break down what on earth this woman does to achieve this level of put-together-ness in such an effortless way, I noticed that she's the QUEEN of mixed prints. And then it occured to me that the most unique outfits are the ones that comprise of the most unlikely combos.

At first this trend kinda scared me and I was hesitant to go for it as I thought that you need to acquire some insane styling skills to get it right. But as it turns out, it's not rocket science. People can tell you a hundred different rules about styling and mixing and matching but to be honest success lies in experimentation. No one ever became a trendsetter by following the rules. Trendsetting is about setting the trend, right?

So instead of a do-this-not-that type of post, I'm just going to demonstrate a few different ways you can wear this trend but remember: just be creative - when it comes to it, no rules really apply! Go with your gut.


Kate Hudson

My favorite way to wear this trend is by staying within the same palette. You pick out an item - either top or bottom piece - and see what other printed item you can pair it with that includes similar colors. Does that make sense? The blue palette is one of my favorites: perfect for summer, flattering on most skin tones and hard to go wrong with because the colors are wearable (let's say an outfit based on green mixed prints could go bananas quite easily - but hey don't let that dissuade you from trying it anyway!).


Another fool-proof way to sport this trend is to wear the same print on two different scales. It is preferable that the 2 prints are a different size (one in a larger scale and one in a smaller scale) so the eye can rest more easily.


Sometimes though, two completely different pieces can work together without applying any particular trick. They just do. Just trust your instict and think outside of the box.


Nina Dobrev

A quick and easy, fuss-free combo can be made simply by wearing a striped black and white shirt with a floral or watercolor print bottom. It looks effortless and modern, and you will definitely receive a lot of compliments on your look.


Olivia Palermo

Combining different florals is also another rather easy way to mix and match prints. The result can be very romantic and girly, so if that's your thing, do not miss out!


Olivia Palermo

And of course, when in doubt, go black and white. In the picture above Olivia has combined 3 different black and white prints and it looks so pulled together, it's genius! You would expect that 3 different prints in one outfit would give you a headache but Olivia makes it easy-peasy! For a twist, add a colored pair of heels (Olivia rocks some forest green lace-ups) and you've just taken your style game to a whole other level.

To be perfectly honest, this isn't one of the simplest trends out there and not everyone can pull it off, but it's definitely not as hard as you think. Give it shot! Miracles might happen in the process!


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