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8 Trends We Love At The Moment

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This is a fuss-free post. Let's get to the point: Fall is my favorite season and the trends this year are very exciting. If you wanna look into my Fall/Winter 2014-15 trend report check them out here (part 1)  and here (part 2). So, I wanted to do a quick update on my favorite trends right now and provide you with some cool items you can shop organized in mini Polyvore collections.

Dark Florals

My boyfriend says floral print is my signature look -although I beg to differ but oh well- and to be honest Fall is my favorite time because I can don these deep, dusty, vintage-y florals. I love the combination of something so sweet and romantic as a floral print with a dark, eerie font. Navy blue, forest green, burgundy, black, plum.. bring them on.


Let me be honest here. I'm usually not the one to go for fringe. I used to find it too summer festival for my liking and I'm more of a Central Park kinda gal. But when I saw Olivia go for this beautiful ensemble in the picture above, I became a believer. I love the boho edge toned down with a demure suede shirt. I still don't know if I'd be able to pull it off, so I just might look for that trend in an accessory. In any case, it's an interesting trend that will spice up a simple look.

Denim on denim

I just love the effortlessly cool vibe one can get by donning this look. And it's one you probably won't have to splurge on. I'm pretty sure most of you have a denim shirt in your closet and there's no doubt you have a good old pair of jeans too. Don't be scared to mix and match different types of denim or different shades. It all works. Just go with your gut.


This print is a classic but it worked its way back into the must-haves last season and it's still going strong this Fall as well. I personally love it, love the preppiness and the put-togetherness of it, plus it has a bit of a rock and roll edge too. Pair it with a red piece and some leather and you got yourself a killer look.

Houndstooth by fashionistalooks on

Pointed-toe shoes

Or as I like to call them, sexy shoes. Cause honestly there's nothing more attractive than a woman who feels powerful and sexy in her 4 inch stilettos. These shoes have totally grown on me. I think it's the fact that there's something so classically feminin about those. Like these are an all-time symbol of femininity and female empowerment. For a while I thought they were too madame-looking, that they were not for me but now I can see how they can take a girly, sweet look and add the perfect amount of sexiness to it.

Animal Print

Okay, I'm pretty sure animal prints never really go out of style. At least Dolce and Gabbana make sure they don't. I was never a big advocate of animal prints. They were just too flashy, too in-your-face for me, too ghetto. But lately I'm loving it. Especially in black and white worn against a black item and with a hint of red too = irresistible combo. I mean, B Waldorf should know. xoxo

Sweaters & Maxi skirts

This a shy trend that started gaining fans a couple of seasons ago but now it is a must. I mean, I don't really like to use the word must as no one "must" really do or wear anything when it comes to fashion. But if effortless and sexy is your thing in a Kate Moss/Serena Van Der Woodsen kinda way, then this is a trend you don't wanna miss out on. It's a little edgy yes, but it is one look that won't go unnoticed.

Plaid Skirts

Alright, plaid has been one of these Fall preppy wardrobe staple pieces but this season, there is no clothing store whose racks aren't packed with these. Reminiscent of the 90s yet? Those plaid minis can make you go from punk rock to prep school girl in no time, and I'm loving the versatility.

That's all folks, For now at least.
Let me know which one you like the best.
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  1. nice post. I'm crazy over fringes and dark florals

  2. I really like this!
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  3. Great inspo! The fringe skirt looks so great!

  4. i love plaid skirts!! they're my fav!!

  5. Olivia does it well!

  6. I cannot get enough of the floral trend! Great post.

    Heidi D.

    1. Ikr, I have a soft spot for florals! Thanks for stopping by! x

  7. love this post

  8. Great post! I actually like quite a few of these, so that's good. I love plaid skirts, and the dark florals are so pretty and chic. The denim and denim I like a lot, but I haven't been able to put it together in a way I like yet, and I love your heels, they are pretty perfect.

  9. πολύ ωραίο το ποστ! πολύ όμορφες εικόνες!


  10. Aw i just enjoy reading your blog! Will be happy to see you in my blog

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  11. Amazing trends, I love dark florals!:)

  12. Definitly in vogue, good job

  13. Love the fringe!

  14. "Animal prints are 'so ghetto'" LOL I love your your honesty. I'm a bit shocked to see Olivia Palermo wearing that fringed ensemble. That's not normally the kind of things she goes for. I was also never a big fan of fringe but seeing it on her has changed my mind <3

    1. LOL thank you so much for taking the time to read my post! (most people just look at the pictures :P) I know, Olivia really has been rocking that 'boho chic' look lately! Not her typical sophisticated, girly kind of style. x

  15. i lovethat denim on denim is still going strong

    mon |

  16. Great post dear! Fall is my favorite fashion season, too! Gorgeous selection! :) xoxo

  17. Love your style. I adore it! keep up a good work!!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know!!

    Best wishes,

  18. I love the plaid skirts!! So preppy! <3

  19. I just love sweaters with maxi skirts!! love this post as well


  20. I pretty much love all of the trends you have mentioned here...especially the dark florals trend and the fringe trend! I just got a really cool "dark floral" sheer maxi dress/vest, as well as a fringed bag for my birthday and I'm obsessed with them both. Actually, you'd probably love the sheer maxi dress/vest, so I'll share the link:
    Out of all of these, the only trends I'm not so keen of are the pointed-toe shoe trend and the houndstooth trend. I can appreciate them on others, but not on me! xx

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a great comment. I'm also glad you shared that link, I really appreciate it! xo


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