Saturday, November 8, 2014

Inspired By The Music: The Pierces' 70s Nostalgic Boho Edge

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I am very excited to share with you this piece because it is inspired by one of my favorite music groups ever, the Pierces. For those of you who are not acquainted with these two talented ladies, The Pierces are a psychedelic/ambient indie pop/rock duo that consists of Catherine and Allison Pierce. Their music has this nostalgic yet witchcraft-y vibe to it that is very unique and fresh. They're girl power at its best. Feminine, flirty, sarcastic but also deep and soulful. I'm obsessed with them, I mean, can you tell?

But apart from their catchy and atmospheric tunes, they're also stunning as hell. Catherine is seriously one of the most naturally gorgeous women I've ever seen. Blond hair, doe-eyes, full lips: she's classic beauty. Allison is the spicy, witty brunette with the foxy bright blue eyes that balances out Catherine's sunshine-filled sweetness.

Especially since their big hit You'll Be Mine they really embraced the 70s hippy vibe and created some nostalgic tunes that were meant for success. Their record You & I is a must-listen for all those romantic souls out there. Their latest album Creation is also a lovely album all around which you absolutely must check out.

But let's stop talking music and start talking fashion now, because that's what we're doing here, right? Their fashion choices of course accompany their music style and dress their music personas perfectly. They definitely remind of something from the freedom land of the 70s (quoting Lana Del Rey), Woodstock, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchel and the like. Their style has a hefty dose of boho chic but modernized aka lots of lace, crochet, leather, suede, boots, layered jewelry, fringe, flower crowns, headpieces etc.

With the boho chic trend getting more and more hype lately - thanks to Coachella and Vanessa Hudgens for that - it is getting incredibly popular among the indie crowds. I'll admit I haven't always been the biggest fan but I think that these two awesome ladies have made me a convert. I'm all over that late 60s-70s look these days and I'm feeling like spending some bucks on midi skirts, pussy bow blouses and romantic lace dresses.

Below I've created a collection of awesome items inspired by that 70s flair:

(scroll through by clicking on the side arrows)

Feeling inspired yet?
Hope you are!


  1. What a lovely post! :)

  2. So pretty pictures and post!

  3. What an insightful post! Love how you combined fashion and music. I've never heard of this band before, but it sounds like something I would REALLY like and I am going straight to Spotify to listen to their music now! I love that boho/hippie/70s style-----sometimes I wish I lived in that decade!

    Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

    1. Omg thank you so much for the thoughtful comment! Fashion and music are my two big passions. I am so glad you enjoyed this post! :) xo

  4. Fab post! I love your writing style!

    Chione XX

  5. Love your picks!


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  8. The song is from Pretty Little Liars as well. I really love boho too. It's one of my favorite style to wear. hopefully we can follow each other, and let me know if you did. So I can follow you back too. Much love! ♥♥♥

    1. I know! I love PLL! Thank you so much for stopping by, I am following you now! x

  9. Lovely and very inspirational post, 70's is one of my fav decades!
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  11. They are both really lovely looking ladies and yes, boho chic is really in trend these days. I have yet to embrace it, kinda hard with the cold here but I really love looking at the fashion. xx

    Reflection of Sanity

  12. lovely photos ! :)

  13. OMG! So many thing to say, okay, first: thanks for stopping by my blog, if you ever want us to follow each other just let me know.
    Now, I LOVE THE PIERCES!!! I'm basically obsessed with their music, too! And just like you, I've never been a fan of the boho seventies trend (I thought it looked cool in other people, not me) but I gave it a try because of them in this post from February (including a recommendation of their music as well)
    So happy to know that someone else understands me ;) x

    1. Omg! That is awesome! I love them, they're so classy and their music is just the best. I've had Creation on repeat for the past few weeks. I'm so glad you stopped by and commented! xo's

  14. followed you back dear... much love! ♥

  15. I love bohemian fashion. Beyond the creative look I think it promotes a really beautiful lifestyle. It has gotten me to live in the moment more and be more health/spiritually conscious. ^__^V


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  17. The previous century had so many versatile trends and statements, including the 70s :) Aren't headbands aka flower crowns and fringe back in the game ;)
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  18. Such a lovely post dear :D
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