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How To: The Perfect Preppy Chic a la Blair Waldorf

Hello ladies and gents,

How are you? It feels strange publishing a fashion post after recent events...maybe all of us fashion enthusiasts can use fashion as a healing method. I know, it sounds ridiculous to some, but I think whichever way one chooses in order to cope is absolutely fine by my books. For some people it's lighting a candle, for others it's listening to music and for some of us it's putting our best look forward. Sometimes bravery and confidence and strength need a little boost, which can start from the outside. Put your lipstick on, put a smile on and you will get through the day.

Fashion and beauty are definitely not the panacea to the world's problems but they can be helpful to those who find refuge in them in order to feel strong again. That's not a bad thing, and it should not be demonized. So yeah, Blair Waldorf's looks are hardly relevant to what's been happening but they're something to help me take my mind off things for now. Just for now.

I know this isn't how you would expect this post to start but then again, I couldn't not acknowledge what's happened and how it has affected me because it has. I don't want to pretend it didn't and I don't want to feel ashamed for posting today. I'm sure most of you would understand. You're here too reading this, after all.

Introduction made. Now we can move on:

I know what you're probably thinking right now: Blair Waldorf was a character that was created in 2007, so how can we relate to her now, 8 years later? Well, Blair's style was so classic, in a way it was timeless. Many of her looks would be just as acceptable in the 60s as well as the 90s and the early 00s. Preppy chic isn't exactly new and oddly enough, it's more hip and on-trend than ever.

The evidence is clear in the collage below that features some of the hottest preppy looks for Fall 2015:

top: Delpozo / Tommy Hilfiger / Michael Kors
bottom: Carven / Louis Vuitton / Miu Miu
So in light of the revival of this trend, I thought about my beloved B. I mean, come on, she's the mistress of that look.

Thankfully you have me to help break it down for you. Just kidding (or am I?)

You can combine all the different counterparts of the preppy look, or you can tone it down by adding one or two pieces to your wardrobe without changing your personal style. The Blair looks are mere suggestions, and they're definitely not necessarily how you should dress.


In my opinion, this is the definitive BW look. The cape, the matchy-matchy accessories, the tights, the color blocking. This was Blair at her best. And that finale was probably one of the best in GG history (or dare I say TV Drama history?) Capes are a staple piece in a prepster's closet. They're cute, girly and fun. But to wear them well, you need to balance out the volume with skinny pants or tights. Baggy clothing is a huge no-no with this look. Elbow-long gloves are the ideal addition to this adorable ensemble.


Let me start this by expressing how utterly unimpressed I am by the abundance of basic flannel shirts everywhere. So no, this post does not endorse looking like a Southern handiman. There's always a chic way to add a bit of a British flair to your look, as in a plaid coat or a plaid accessory. Cues below:


Blair loved her bows. And so do I. My mom makes fun of me, she says they remind her of my great-grandmother's shirts. And what I said back was: "well, apparently great-grandmother certainly had style!" It is true though, sometimes bow blouses can border on granny territory, but a shorter hem at the skirt, or an unlikely color combination will render the look more youthful. 


Tweed is as classic as it gets. There's nothing more timeless and elegant and feminine than a Chanel tweed jacket. Tweed is a very luxurious material that has a dear place in my closet because it always adds texture to a look, making it more intresting. I like complex tweeds (like the Warehouse skirt below), they almost give off an impressionistic effect. They look very cohesive from afar, but up close you can see all the different fibres that they comprise of.

A classic pair of chic flats is the city girl's best friend. I know I couldn't survive without mine. Comfort and style? Yes please. Opt for a good leather, because you'll be beating them to the max. Choose an animal or a houndstooth print for a bit of a pop to a monochromatic look. Oxford heels add a sexy edge to the so-called librarian chic look.


I'm sure the show's most popular style element was the tights, mainly during the first two seasons when the girls attended the UES elite prep school, Constance Billard. Tights were central to the preppy look that Blair was famous for. She wore all kinds, but she had a knack for red, white and patterned black ones. Coincidentally, those are my favorite styles too. In the Fall 2015 Tommy Hilfiger show, the models donned pairs of ribbed tights in shades of off-black and burgundy. So if you're feeling less sure about a colorful pair, classic thick knit ones will not dissappoint. But please, I beg of you, steer clear of the translucent shiny kind that flashes back in photos. Horrible.


The blazer... another must-have in a prep's closet. Although I believe a good blazer is must-have in anyone's closet. You don't need to be Blair in order to get yourself one of these. A nicely tailored blazer can pull together an entire look. Just make sure it doesn't look too uptight. Loosen up your shirt, go for a mini skirt, rock those colorful tights we just spoke of. See? It all ties in.


White collars layered underneath sweaters and cardis are the epitome of preppy chic. In my opinion crisp white shirts shout: "I have my life together". But just like with blazers, you don't want to look too severe, unless well, you're heading to a job interview. I like to pair sharp elements with softer ones for a balanced look: for example, combine a layered collared sweater with a mini flared skirt and a pair of booties. If it were me, I'd add a pop of color and I'd probably wear a pair of statement, colorful earrings (that'd very Miu Miu). Just mix it up, and you won't miss. 

C'est tout pour le moment,


  1. Lovely post. Love the selections in each category...I really like preppy style and of course Tommy Hilfiger can never be left out when it comes to that, he owns it.


  2. I love all of these preppy looks! The capes are my favorite fashion trend at the moment. Great post!

  3. First off, I really love your heartfelt introduction. I think you're saying what everyone is thinking but no one is saying! It's hard to talk about it but also there's a lot of guilt just going on about our daily lives, so well said.
    Moving on, I love your post! I love the breakdown that you did and her style is so classic. That's so funny that you mentioned your Mom would make fun of you... Mine would too! I went through a fascinator phase and I loved big bows as well and she would literally say the same thing. "that's what Grandma would wear!" and now all of those trends are back haha. Hope your week is going well! I found and am following you on Bloglovin' ;)


    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment. It makes me so happy when people actually read my posts and let me know how they feel about them.I mean that's what blogs should be for, right? It was hard talking about Paris and how I felt because it is unexpected when it comes to a fashion blog, to speak about these matters, but I couldn't not say something.

      Moms just love doing that, don't they! Haha! Our Grandmas were very stylish it turns out!

      Thank you so much for the follow, I followed back of course.


  4. Very cool preppy inspo! Thanks for sharing thena!

  5. You looks so pretty in these photos! Great outfits!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

    1. You mean Blair looks pretty! Haha! Thank you though. x

  6. You're so right, Athena, there are so many different ways we all cope with hurt. What's going on in the world is disgusting and just down right evil! However, if we show that we can be resilient and still show love and positivity, in spite of it all, we will be the better for it and so will those we encounter :)

    As for the preppy looks you've featured here, I love them! I have more of a '60s-'70s style, but I love to play around with a preppy look every now and then and these are great inspirations; thank you!

    I hope you have a lovely day, girlie!



    1. Thank you for the kind words. I love the 60s-70s too, but Blair will always be a great source of inspiration for me! x

  7. haha this is the cutest post ever!

  8. Great tips, I love Blair Waldorf's style!!
    Have a lovely weekend:)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  9. This is too cute! Her style is definitely amazing!
    Happy weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    1. I am so glad you think so! Happy weekend to you! x

  10. I like these looks very much! I have loafers, oxfords, and tie-neck blouses on my wish list. Have a great weekend, Athena!


    1. I couldn't live without my beloved oxford flats and loafers. Talk about comfy chic! Thank you for the comment, I hope you're having a good one! x

  11. I drool over her clothes, every time I watch gossip girl & I totally agree Fashion may not be the solution
    to all the world problems, but it can be and should be used as a healing method. Thank you so
    much for stopping over my latest blog story. Your comment made my day!



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