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How To Look Chic In Winter: 7 Looks

Hello again,

Last time I did an outfit post I had a great time putting it together and I loved your feedback, so this time around, I decided to offer you some outfit ideas on how to brace the colder months.

It's true that when temperatures drop or rise extremely, fashion tends to take the backseat. And that is because weather does affect how we dress a great deal. After all the reason why we dress in the first place, is to protect our body from the outdoor conditions. Therefore, whether it's unbearably hot or icy cold outside, you just want to feel comfortable and make your body feel as cool or as warm as necessary. That of course limits your clothing options. I mean, especially when you get up at 6am in the morning for work, last thing on your mind is how to put together a cute yet weather-appropriate look. Hopefully, my post today could be a guide on how to wear your favorite items even when the temperature hits an extreme low.

Please read on as there will be tips included under each set. If you're interested in purchasing any of the items, click on the images below the collage.


Winter Chic pt. 1

In case you find that mini skirts make your legs freeze in the wintertime, you're in luck 'cause midi skirts are where it's at this season. A high-waisted piece with a flare at the bottom is almost universally flattering. Pair with thick knit tights and boots and you'll be surprised at how comfortable and cozy you will feel. For someone who still likes to show a hint of skin, try a cut-out sweater, just like in the collage above. Cool ivory hues and light blue have a winter wonderland vibe and are a nice, alternative option to the usual gloomy wintry dark shades.


Winter Chic pt. 4

This is a look that fashionistas will relish in. It's a bit more out there fashion-wise but definitely not short on the cozy/comfy side. It's laid-back and cool while creative and fun. Instead of your same old pair of jeans, opt for a pair of dressier, wider loose high waisted pants. Wear a pair of stockings underneath to make sure you keep your limbs warm. The coat here is the center piece, because of its pastel tones and houndstooth print. I cannot stress enough the importance of outerwear. Your coat will be the first thing people see during winter so make sure it's a good one.


Winter Chic pt. 2

The age-old question is: how to wear dresses in winter? No, it doesn't have to be a sweater-dress. When people think of winter and dresses, the first thing that comes to mind is something oversized, baggy and knit. However, these days there are so many options, it would be a shame to limit oneself. Suede is probably one of the biggest and most elegant trends this season, so why not invest in a good quality suede dress. Pick one whose style is classic and flattering to your body to make sure you will get much wear out of it. Layer with a turtleneck underneath to maximize the warmth and protection.


Winter Chic pt. 3

Winter apparel is all about texture: velvet, suede, tweed, knit fabrics etc. This look combines a few of them, for those who enjoy a bit of a more daring ensemble. Ponchos make for excellent cover ups, and also look fantastic layered over a leather jacket. It's all about the layering - wear a prim collared blouse underneath a soft sweater you will have a winning combo for your daytime affairs. Over the knee boots are the it-thing at the moment all over social media, and they definitely sexy up the look.


Winter Chic pt. 5

But even if your favorite piece is too flimsy for those extra-chilly days, fur is the answer to your prayers. Opaque tights of 90 den and up should do the job, while fringed booties add to that boho chic vibe. Always remember to layer, but make sure you stay relatively in the same color scheme.


Winter Chic pt.6

This look is classic urban girl cozy chic. From the plaid mini, to the lace up booties to the funky coat, it's certainly a people-pleaser. The neutral palette of the main outfit calls for a pop of color, which is provided by the coat. For a bohemian touch, a layered necklace shouldn't dissappoint.


Winter Chic pt.7

And here comes the jean option: obviously I couldn't not include a more classic winter look. Jeans, sweater and boots are a winning combo. Spice up the look with a funkier print or an accessory. Suede high heeled boots and an oversized cardi would truly make Serena Van Der Woodsen proud. 

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. These looks are fab! I love love love that poncho outfit. Definitely chic and winter appropriate!

  2. I always want to be "suede dress and turtle neck" or "over the knee boots and poncho" but always wind up looking more like a less done up last picture, haha! Loved this post, so many cute ideas! If only it would get cold in Louisiana.


    1. Haha! Maybe the post will serve as motivation to wear those outfits you wanna wear? I hope so! The last look is a go-to one for sure! x

  3. Love these looks! I love the turtleneck and dress look the best and I can totally see myself pulling off a look similar to this! Thanks so much for inspiring me, once again! I love the outfits you put together :)


    1. I love your sweet comments, you made my day! I love making these outfits, I feel like a kid playing collage! Thank you for stopping by! xo's

  4. Love all your picks but the winter chic 2 & 5 are my favourites. Great fun to put outfits like this together on the website. :) x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  5. Great outfits!!

  6. Great outfits:) I love all of them!

  7. Great outfits, love the orange coat!

  8. other the knee boots and that bright pop or orange on the coat! So perfect!x

    Aimee | AimeeSueXO

  9. My favorite looks are the classic combo and the over the knee boots. I love how the boots look with the poncho! I also really like how classic looks with the bright coat and the lace up boots. Great inspiration! Winter is definitely a hard season because you can have tons of inspiration to dress nice, but once that gust of cold air hits you all motivation is lost haha especially at the crack of dawn before school or work

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  10. These outfits are gorgeous! Fourth is my favorite - perfect!


  11. Gorgeous looks!
    Have a nice week!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  12. Very nice!

    The Style Beast,

  13. Oh wow these look so cool love the outfits

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  14. I love all these styles...beautiful inspirations!

  15. I'm so in love with the suede dress outfit! The bag is so pretty!
    Lunie Chan - Le Blog

  16. I love all of these outfits, you have a great eye for the detail! I adore Midi skirts though so the first just manages to be my favourite :)

    Velvet Blush

  17. Great inspiration, love the guides and cool pictures <3 Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Instagram, and Bloglovin? :D

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