Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Ultimate Holiday Outfit Guide

Hello my dear readers,

It is December 1st. You know what that means: we're in full blown holiday season. Yay.

I'm a sucker for all things Christmas. My heart warms up to the sound of the carols or the smell of pine trees. But let's be real, we also love Christmas because we get to finally justify all these glam outfits we purchased a long time ago and still haven't worn to this day.

The holiday season is fabulous because it encompasses so many different celebrations. Thanksgiving (for Americans), Christmas Εve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and everything in between. It's a chance for anyone to throw a party, if only to celebrate the festive mood and lift the spirits. This year I am hosting a Christmas tea party and I couldn't be more excited (you will get photos, I promise).

This post is what I deem to be one of my best outfit pieces, if I do say so myself. I think it covers an array of looks and different styles for different occasions. You will come across plenty of holiday lookbooks across the Net that feature ultra-glam, glitzy, glossy partywear, which is totally understandable but yet not every occasion calls for over-the-top, red-carpet-worthy looks. You will find some fancier options below of course, but hopefully I will also cater to those who don't feel like going all JLo this season.

I will also make some makeup suggestions under each look so read on:

The Ultimate Holiday Outfit Guide: Christmas Brunch

This look could easily be worn to any social gathering that doesn't require more formal attire. It's casual yet dainty enough to work from day to night. It's a great look for a laid-back party after work, and it's a great idea for a Christmas brunch. No one wants to be too done up in the morning only to stuff themselves with croissants and waffles, so a comfortable shift dress and some colorful additions should be more than enough.


I think a berry lip complements the wintry palette of the look while giving a festive touch. (For a step-by-step guide on how to wear the wintry vampy lip check my latest post)

The Ultimate Holiday Outfit Guide: The Family Dinner

This look is ideal for a family event, where you want to look pulled-together and festive but not too glam or sexy. I think it suits every age, thanks to its timeless sophistication. The navy/blush/burgundy combination adds some subdued color to the outfit without being loud. The embellishment at the neckline is the necessary hint of glamour while the fuzzy ZARA coat gives an ultra-cozy vibe.


You could totally do the deep red lip, like on the model, or you could play with the blush/nude and navy tones of the look and opt for a subtle navy smoky eye (the magic word here is subtle) and pair with a nude pink blush and lip color. Give the complexion a glowy effect with a touch of icy/pinky highlighter and steer clear of the bronzer and contour.

The Ultimate Holiday Outfit Guide: The Cocktail Party

Now this look is one of my favorites and I think it came together very well. This could easily be a New Year's ensemble without being too disco. It could work equally as well as a cocktail party option or a family occasion where things are a bit more on the fancier side. Black is always a sound idea when it comes to holiday evening wear - although it's hardly the only choice and I feel like I should always remind people that of that. But if you do choose to go black, I highly suggest you combine with one colorful item. This little pink glittery handbag is the cutest pop that belongs in the same girly camp as the polka dot tights and mary janes. I have a feeling the younger crowds will appreciate this.


I have to say smoky eyes and a glossy lip would work wonders with this one. A smoked out, lived-in lashline will give the sweet look a sultry, slightly more grown up edge while the glossy lip will keep things youthful and light.

The Ultimate Holiday Outfit Guide: The Work Party

I feel like holiday work parties are causing women worldwide a headache. In case your workplace decides to do one of these casual-yet-professional-yet-festive parties where you want to look laidback but not too laid back if you know what I mean, pants is the answer. A pair of slim pants, a loose, slightly dressier blouse tucked in,  a pair of comfortable heels and a sparkly bag are the epitome of the day-off chic. The camel lapel coat adds comfort and dresses up the look a bit more. My jewelry suggestion would be a pair of bright earrings, for a playful touch.


Keep things minimal. A nude, earthy tonal look is the way to go. Makes you look chic in an effortless way. Your best tools would be: a nude, almond-y eyeshadow, a bit of brown liner, mascara, a hint of bronzer, highlight on the cheek bones and a nude lip. That's really more than enough.

The Ultimate Holiday Outfit Guide: The Glam Party

And here is the first glam option: 60s sequined mini, opaque black tights, color-blocked cape and a bright clutch. What more to ask for, this is head-to-toe party season. I love the combination of silver and pitch black, it's elegant and foolproof. Sheerer tights or dressier shoes could render the result too-heavy and thus make it aging, if not borderline kitch.


If you're feeling bold enough, you could go for a silvery lid and a bright pink lip that matches the purse. However I do realize this is not everyone's cup of tea, so I think a modern-mod look would be very appropriate. You could do a very elaborate 60s look with the cut-crease and everything, or you could just settle for feline black eyeliner and a very nude mouth.

The Ultimate Holiday Outfit Guide: The Xmas-themed Tea Party

Capes are having a moment this season, so if the previous colorblocked option was too intense for you, a more classic red number shouldn't disappoint. This look has that vintage flair that makes it perfect for a tea party or any other type of gathering which requires you to look prim and elegant. My favorite item here are the tights, undoubtedly because they have that Blair Waldorf vibe that I so adore. The berry red hues scream Christmas with the gold cuff bracelet being the small but not negligible glam accent.


I would say give the Rodarte Spring 2016 runway makeup a look. This kind of 70s ethereal, warm but subtle makeup is the way to go. A red lip would be an overkill with all the red tones in the clothing.

The Ultimate Holiday Outfit Guide: The Glam Party vol.3

Glam option number two: now this is for the girl that a. doesn't want to wear a dress and b. doesn't adore extra bold colors and patterns. In other words, this is for the ladies who like to keep it simple. Again, I feel like that any woman of any age could rock this. The cut of the pants, not too skinny nor too wide, make them very flattering on pretty much anyone. Black and gold is without a doubt a winning combo but I couldn't keep this look entirely on the neutral side so I introduced some color by choosing a more interesting clutch. The metallic finish of the bag ties in with the look while the toned-town hints of color prevent the end result from being too monotonous.


Bronzey, glowy, beautiful. This is the time to wear your favorite golds and bronzes and go as glam as you want. The neutral tones of the clothing allow you to be more daring with makeup. The hair looks extra-elegant slinked back like on the model.

The Ultimate Holiday Outfit Guide: The Casual Get-Together

Now this is also the dream outfit for the girl who doesn't wanna try very hard or doesn't roll with the fancies. It's a very versatile look which could be sported anywhere, anytime. The cable knit sweater keeps things warm and cozy while the opaque tights and lace up boots add a sporty, cool touch. The faux fur, the earrings, the houndstooth and the magenta bag are the more festive elements of this look. It's all about mixing and matching your favorite casual pieces with more interesting ones. It's also another look that can work from day to night since you can totally don this during daytime: just swap the heels with flats and opt for a bigger, more practical bag.


For the je-ne-sais-quoi look a la Parisienne, some black eyeliner and bronzer will do. No harsh contouring, no over the top highlighting, no elaborate smoky eyes. Alternatively you could do a berry or red mouth, with very minimal makeup on the eyes and complexion.

The Ultimate Holiday Outfit Guide: The Glam Party vol.2

I had to finish off with the most va-va-voom look of them all: this is glam option number three. This is for all of you ladies who don't hold back. This is truly the most wonderful time of the year, so why not celebrate it properly? Icy wintry hues, black velvet and fur are the key elements here. Velvet is also a material that's well-loved this season. Instead of your typical strappy metallic sandals, try a more vintage looking shoe like these Topshop ones in the collage. Hollywood glam revamped.


Whatever floats your boat really: bold red lips or even a punchy glossy pink would be a nice bright pop to a rather monocromatic look while sexy smoky eyes enhance the sultry effect. I would steer clear of the golds and the bronzes and stick to the cool tones for this one.

Please let me know in the comments which look you would choose to wear!

Happy Holidays and 'tis the Season!


  1. amazing Christmas season outfit guide...you really inspired me.


  2. I'm in love with look #3 and #4! They're both so funky and different and I can totally see myself wearing them! I love how you have makeup suggestions. I feel like Makeup really makes an outfit and I totally agree with what you recommended here! You really understand how to balance everything out. Great post Athena! You have me all excited for the holidays now!


    1. These 2 are among my faves too. Some people don't like matchy-matchy makeup and outfit, but I actually like staying within the same color scheme. Thank you so much for stopping by! x

  3. Beautiful looks!


  4. great post! so many great looks to wear this season! good work :)

    love the blog girl! if you get the chance please take the time to check out mine and let me know what you think (maybe even follow? no pressure though!)
    PS: my most recent post has a GREAT deal for 16 dollar blanket scarves!!! check it out! you'll love it. :)

    love, rach.
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    1. Thank you. I'm glad you love the blog! Hopefully you can come back and follow sometime. x

  5. Wow! Fantastic sets :)

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    Have a nice day!

  6. Love your makeup inspiration, these are so awesome! Great ideas :)
    xo Kiki

  7. These looks are so cute, love the pink coat

  8. Great inspiration, they're all lovely!

    I follow you via GFC, it would be great if you could follow me back. Thank you x

    1. Thank you so much. I'll check your blog asap. x

  9. All of these looks are completely festive and gorgeous! My favourite one though has to be The Glam Party Vol. 3 look.:_

    - www.veebzboo.com
    - www.youtube.com/veebzboo - FASHION HAUL

    1. Thank you so much. The Glam Part vol3 seems to be a popular one! Classic but foolproof. xo

  10. Such great ideas! I always love a good berry lip this time of year!

  11. All of those coats are so pretty! Love them!

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com


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