Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas

Hello my lovelies,

As the seasons shift, I always find myself extra inspired. I know, I know, we're still in early February but I'm dreaming of Spring already. And that involves visiting zara.com daily, only to add yet another off-the-shoulder blouse to my ever-growing wishlist.

Now, I've always considered myself as a fashion person, but during these past couple of years I've become such a beauty/makeup enthusiast,  my obsession is reaching worrying levels. Makeup is just so addicting. Changing your look and channeling a new persona just by trying new products and formulas has been quite the revelation for me. I've always had an interest in makeup, but it's only until relatively recently that I've managed to elaborate on it. I can proudly say now that I am in a position to give one or two pieces of advice to someone starting out or just seeking ideas and tips (lots of hours spent on Youtube and beauty blogs will do that to a person).

Valentine's Day represents the epitome of romance. Some find it corny, others find that it was purely fabricated for commerce purposes. And you know there's the classic "you shouldn't need Valentine's Day to show people you love them". But honestly, life can get so busy it's definitely not the worst thing that there's one day a year dedicated to love. All kinds of love. Of course you shouldn't wait for Valentine's Day to say 'I love you' but there's nothing wrong in taking your beau or your bff or your mom out for dinner and spending some quality time with them. It's so easy to get caught up in our routine and personal woes and forget to appreciate those we love.

Whoa. That got too sentimental there and this is a makeup post for chrissake. I need to learn to save the sappy stuff for my tumblr. So, the point is this post is aimed at providing some fresh makeup ideas and tips on how to get them right. There are collections of recommended products under each look.


Hot pink lips for the girl who's had enough of her same old Ruby Woo. It's such a youthful, skin-brightening color that will give your look a playful, girly touch. Just what the celebration calls for.


Keep the rest of your face neutral, since too much color on the face can look a bit clownish. Go for a hint of bronzer or a bit of a contour to enhance your face structure but steer clear of bright blush or super harsh highlighters.

As for the eyes, you can add a soft wash of a neutral eyeshadow for a more modern, effortless look or go classic, with a winged eyeliner and a contoured crease.

Keep the brows defined, but still natural to help frame the face.

If you opt for a softer lip, apply lip balm and dab the lipstick on top. You can then correct the edges with lip liner or a lip brush.


These days I'm seeing blogs and Youtube being flooded by Valentine's Day looks heavy on the pink eyeshadow. Pink however can make the eyes look really sickly and bloodshot. Cranberry or copper tones on the other hand look gorgeous when they're diffused and grounded with more neutral, earthy ones. It's a sultry, sexy look that can also look very feminine and sweet if worn right.


Too much eyeliner will make your eyes look bead-y and tired while no eyeliner at all could lead to the red tones overpowering the look and end up looking unnatural. The solution to that is a softer liner, be it an off-black or a coffee brown pencil or using eyeshadow instead. Tightlining works great too.

Highlight the inner corners to make the eyes look more rested and bright.

Again, because it's quite an intense look keep the rest fairly neutral. Dewy skin and nude, balmy lips complement the eyes perfectly.


The modern red lip is a new take on an iconic look: it looks easy and fresh and it's a quick fix for anyone who cannot bother with a smoky eye or expert contouring.


Brows are important with any kind of statement lip. Brush them upwards for a more polished effect.

Lit from within skin is key, so wear a glow-giving primer underneath or mixed with your foundation.

Make sure to cover imperfections adequately but don't overmask the entirety of your face. Use a product with a lightweight consistency that lets your skin breathe.

Stay away from pink. Neutral blush or just bronzer will suffice.

After applying your favorite shade of red take a cotton bud and try to soften the edge for a more lived-in, cool effect.

Don't overcomplicate things with complex eyeshadow looks. A bit of lining across the lashline and some contouring in the crease will be more than enough.


The classic feminine, Audrey-esque look never ever disappoints. It's elegant with a touch of flirty. You only need to have some good eyeliner skills and you're all set.


To make sure your wings are even, put a dot where you want your flick to end. Look in the mirror and check if the dots are matching. Adjust accordingly and then draw your flick up to meet the dot you mapped out (that's a Charlotte Tilbury tip so I can't take credit).

To make sure your eyeliner won't transfer, 'seal' it with some black eyeshadow on an angled brush.

If you have small eyes you should know this by now - add some nude eyeliner to your lower inner rim for a wider look.

Go for multiple coats of mascara and some falsies if necessary. This look is all about that flutter.

I think that nude pink or peachy tones are the perfect accessories for this makeup. Cream blush and a moisturizing lipstick will render the result more glowy and youthful.


And this is my suggestion for the girls who don't fancy a whole lotta makeup. It's natural and it's only there to enhance what you got.


Softness is key. No eyeliners or super dark shades. Everything is achieved with soft, neutral, satin or matte shadows and blended to perfection. Go for taupe eyeshadow all over the lid and a more chocolate-y one used as liner. Pop on some mascara and you're done.

Peachy pink shades on the cheeks and lips tend to look the most natural. They're not too bright but they do add that necessary flush that will liven up the complexion.

A muted coral is a nice alternative to your usual MLBB shade.

This look isn't supposed to be too shiny - although this is entirely up to your preference - so opt for a finely-milled, almost translucent powder to give the skin a more natural effect.


With Spring approaching and the 70s being the season's biggest trend we can't help but covet that dreamy, fun eye makeup that gives us major nostalgic vibes. It can be ethereal when worn right so read carefully below.


To wear this trend right, you need to 'ground' it with some additional neutral tones whether that's a black eyeliner slightly smudged or a brown mid-tone shade added to the crease.

If you don't feel like getting too creative with the eyeshadow you can still wear this look by lining your eyes with a colorful liner that contrasts your eye color. Purple, cobalt and green look insane against brown and hazel eyes, while copper and violet look stunning against blue and green eyes.

Once again, don't overcrowd your face with too much color if you don't want to look outdated. Muted corals and nude shades are ideal. I favor cream textures over powder because they melt into the skin and look as if they were your own.

Even bare lips would work with this makeup, so definitely keep them minimal.

Hope I helped!

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