Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer Dresses For Everyone

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Did you miss me? (lie and say yes). I certainly missed you. Getting back into the game has been fun. I loved reading your positive feedback under my latest post, and I'm looking forward to pleasing you again.

I believe that the dress is the one summer piece of clothing that's the most covetable. It's easy to throw on, feminine and unfussy. The variety is so big it's sometimes hard to pick the styles that suit you. Below you'll find suggestions for different body types which might be helpful:

Summer Dresses For Everyone: Petite

Thank God over the years many clothing stores (although not enough) have created a line dedicated to petite ladies. Over at Asos there is a huge array of fab styles to choose from that has something for everyone. If yo have a very narrow frame, I would suggest to try out feminine, fit and flare cuts that give the illusion of curves in the right places. I think a midi dress is always a good option if you want to add height with the help of the right heel of course.

Summer Dresses For Everyone: Curvy

For someone with a more hourglass-like figure (bigger boobs and hips that is), you want to pick a style that hugs the body and shows off your figure. A wrap dress is timeless and elegant, while a cut-out mini dress will accentuate the natural shape of your body. If you have a bigger chest and want to keep things neat and tidy, a button-up midi dress with a demure neckline shouldn't disappoint.

Summer Dresses For Everyone: Small Chest

For girls with smaller boobs, ruffles and flares are your best friends. A flare at the top can create the illusion of a fuller chest and add a flirty, girly touch. Alternatively you can opt for a dress with a more covered up top and a short hemline to show off your legs instead!

Summer Dresses For Everyone: Bigger Tummy

If you have more of a tummy you want to camouflage, an A-line dress is always the best way to achieve that. Pick an off-the-shoulder design (which is a huge trend this season) and you will take away the attention from any "problem" areas and focus it on your fab shoulders! Fit and flare dresses that hang loosely from the waist down can also be very flattering. And if nothing gives, a dark navy or black will always make you look slimmer!

Summer Dresses For Everyone: Tall

Being really tall, just like being very short, doesn't equal as much trouble finding properly fitting clothes these days. I personally prefer leaner lines and rather uncomplicated prints on a taller person, otherwise it could get slightly overwhelming. Other than that, your options are unlimited. Halter necklines are always sexy for summer and a button-up navy midi dress is could potentially become your go-to.

Hope you enjoyed this little post! Leave your thoughts below, I'd love to hear which dresses are your favorites!

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