Monday, August 29, 2016

Dancing At Sunset

Hello again,

If you know me well then you surely know that sunset and twilight are my favorite time of the day. That serene, magical moment when it seems as though everything is painted in lilac and even the ugly can look charming, is unbeatable.

If you know me really well then you probably know that I was taking ballet classes for about 7 years until I stopped before high school. You know, priorities and all that. I haven't officially resumed my classes since, but I do like to twirl around like a ballerina every now and then, even if it's not en pointe.

When you spend summer in Greece you'll find out that sunset isn't just the prettiest hour but it's also the one time during the day when it slightly cools off and you can walk around  (almost) sweat-free. The sun is wild out here, so sunset hour is just the time for me to leave the comfort of my air conditioned home.

If you're in Ermioni, you'll catch the sunset best when you're at the port.

dress: H&M / cuff: Zara / bag: Accessorize / sandals: Mango

Found a mini lighthouse - well not quite a house but I guess it does its job alright - and sat at the edge so we could get a panoramic view of the sea around us.

We walked along the coastline as the light started started getting dimmer and dimmer.

We made our way to the end of the peninsula and on to the other side of the village where locals and tourists alike were taking some evening dips.

I quite envied them to be honest.

On the way home a tiny slice of moon appeared.

More summery posts to come!


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    1. They are so romantic <3 Thank you for stopping by! x

  2. Love this outfit doll! You look stunning :)

    Check out my latest collab with NA-KD Fashion, if you get a minute x

  3. Beautiful pictures, Greece seems amazing


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