Monday, August 1, 2016

Lazy Summer Days In The City

As August approaches the city becomes emptier and emptier. Buses get signifantly less crowded and downtown you're more likely to find foreigners than anything else.

I kinda like it when Athens gets this way. Life becomes a bit slower in this otherwise hectic city, folks get a bit lazier and most spend their day at the beach. On a day like this there's nothing better to do than just casually stroll in the picturesque streets of Plaka. This is one of the few neighbourhoods in Athens where you can still get a taste of the old times.

The golden hour cast its most beautiful colors on the buildings around us.

For a minute you completely forget you're in the busiest, largest city in Greece and you think you're on vacation in one of its islands.

The graffiti though gives away the fact that you're still in an urban environment.

top: Zara / skirt: Zara / slides: H&M / cuff: Zara / bag: Kem
And that's me trying to get away from a rather angry cat.

I will always be strictly a dog person, that's for sure.

We sat in a cute cafe on a rooftop and chatted the evening away.

A bientot!

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  1. Hi Athena!

    I LOVE the pops of yellow with your blue and black striped dress! That looks so fab together!



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