Saturday, October 15, 2016

My Current Top 5 Fall Nail Polish

Essence 52 / Essence 10 / H&M Roseraie / H&M Red Cacao / Essie Angora Cardi

Hello everyone,

We're already halfway into fall? What? How did that even happen! Feels like it was just yesterday we were bidding adieu to summer. The weather though has been so warm and kind that it was easy to forget we're on our way to winter. Not gonna lie though, I kinda want the temperatures to drop a little so I can start wearing all my awesome new fall finds *hehe*. 

I think nail polish is one of those makeup items that can instantly indicate what season you're in. Although it is a little cliché to wear certain colors each season there is something that just feels off if I wear a bright orange in winter or a pitch black in the summer. If you do that, more power to you, but I have to have everything matching like that. It just sets the mood and gets me pumped for the season.

I think the Fall palette is by far the most interesting one: rusty browns, plums, berries, dusky roses and all those deep sultry sexy shades in makeup can make your day to day beauty routine so much more enjoyable and glamorous.

So here I present you my top 5 favorite nail polishes which also happen to be on the affordable side as well! To be honest I don't often spend a lot on nail polish since I find it's a makeup product that goes bad pretty quickly and I don't feel like I get my money's worth. I do like to switch up between different shades too so I like to save up for something else.

Essence in 10 True Love

sorry for the pixelated quality 

I recently discovered the Essence The Gel nail polish line and I'm seriously impressed. For merely 2 euros you can't go wrong with these. This is a berryish red which shifts a bit depending on the lighting. In natural sunlight it leans more red, in artificial light it leans more berry. In any case it's a lovely color that's hardly restricted to fall time and I love the fat brush too. It provides a nice shiny finish which vaguely resembles that of a gel although don't expect the effect to be identical.

Essence in 52 Amazed By You

Amazed By You, from the same line as the previous one, is a gorgeous sultry mauve that also slightly changes depending on the lighting. It's an ideal fall to winter shade and while it's a deep shade it's not too dark and looks very flattering (as all dark nail polish does).

H&M Red Cacao

This one's such a unique color that I actually purchased in summer since it looked fab with my tan. I think it looks a bit darker on camera, in person it pulls more brick-brown than dark brown. What I love about it is exactly that, that red/brick tone that makes it different and is also lovely on toes. The color makes me think of all things fall like a cup of hot cocoa or the woods. Fab formula and brush too.

H&M Roseraie

This shade has become my go-to year round polish. When in doubt this shade always works and looks appropriate for any occasion or outfit. The dusky tone makes a bit more autumnal and cozy but at the same time I love that it's not an obvious "fall" color. The formula of these H&M nail polishes is so smooth and silky and the brush basically paints my nails for me. 

Essie Angora Cardi

I feel like this one is a trademark fall shade. It's definitely not new but in my opinion there's no other shade that screams fall more than this one. It's not brown, it's not purple, it's not rose, it's not burgundy, it's a mixture of all these colors and the effect is always a showstopper. Essie might be a bit more up there in terms of price but I've had this one for 3 years *gasp* and it still applies and wears beautifully. This shall be named my top top favorite and if I run out it's probably the only one I will be keen to repurchase. 

What nail polish are you wearing right now?  Please sound off in the comments section!


  1. I love essence true love too! such a classic red!

  2. This Essie shade is so beautiful. Perfect for Autumn!

  3. Such great post and shades here Athena! Essie and OPI are my favourite brands for nail polish and that Angora Cardi color looks like a must have to my collection! :)
    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely evening!


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