Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My designs

Besides my fashion taste and great knowledge in style, I also dream of becoming a famous designer someday, if that's possible since I'm living in Greece atm :P
Let me show you some of my designs for my Fall 2009 collection:

In this collection I've been inspired by circus, gothism with a romantic edge such as pearls. In this outfit I combined high-waisted short which (bring out the over-knee leather boots) with a pearled tube top. No necklaces or earrings are required since the top is a necklace as well.

( I apologize for the low quality of images but I shooted them with my cell phone). This dress brings out the feminin silhouette. I think the fringed embellished clutch is a must and so are the square -toed pumps.

Well, this one's too dark but I think the lines are quite visible. One of my favorite dresses in all I've designed so far, I adore the ruffles and the volume below the waist. Also, look at the shoes carefully, their upper straps are made of pearls. Gorgeous, no?

One remake of the previous dress- extra touch the blazer. It makes the whole look so rock!

Soo romantic! What a surprise pearls again! But now worked in the suspenders. They remind me of old good times...
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