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Power Dressing: What You Need To Know

Hello readers,
Since our routine has finally settled in and we're already engrossed in school, college and/or work, I found this as a perfect opportunity to introduce you to this thing called power dressing

Fall and Winter are the time to get all business-like and put on your best front to impress and make things happen for you, whether that has to do with your scholar, academic or professional career. 

have you ever felt inspired by these capable and apt women, like Coco Chanel or Margaret Thatcher who had the guts to break the rules and make history? What makes these women iconic, is not only their work but also their impact as personalities, the effect they had on people and that, a lot of times, has to do with image as well. Imposing yourself on others is a matter of attitude -and skill of course-and style can be a significant part of that I'm-going-to-take-over-the-world attitude.

Power dressing as a theme has become one of designers' favorites, maybe because now, more than ever women seek that feeling of empowerment, of being strong and going further than they ever have. The ancient notion that us girls dress for men or other women is now slowly being pushed aside. With feminism gaining more and more awareness via social media, more girls are now realizing that the way to success, is being yourself and staying confident despite all the people who will try to steal that confidence away from you. Girls are now, more than ever, coming to the realization that they don't owe anyone anything. They don't need to obey to people's rules, they don't need to be "good girls" (Get that, Robin Thicke?). They need to march to the beat of their own drum. And fashion is a way to let the world know: "You don't own me. I am in control of myself".

(I just couldn't resist throwing a bit of Blair Waldorf in there!)

So, how do you achieve that perfect, put-together look that inspires respect and authority? 
Here's a few clues:

The Pencil Skirt

Marc By Marc Jacobs

Every business woman must own one perfectly fitting, body-hugging mid-length pencil skirt that accentuates all the right places and gives the loveliest figure. There is nothing that says comme-il-faut like a good pencil skirt. But do not be afraid to give it a whirl and make it slightly more interesting, by picking a baby pink one for example and pairing it with a strict black blouse and thick tights like in the picture above.

The Camel Coat

Christian Dior

A clean cut, mid length, minimal coat in a camel tone is a wardrobe staple. Pair it with leather gloves and heels and that right there is your way to a successful, imposing look (see Christian Dior).

The Shift Dress

Bottega Veneta

Lightly cinched at the waist, knee length, soft fabric, interesting print = the recipe for your ideal day-to-night shift dress that will offer you comfort during daytime and style points for those after work drinks.

The Casual Attire

A turtleneck textured sweater and matching loose pants is a combo that works any day, any time for anyone. The ease of this look conveys confidence and class. This is the woman that never rests but manages to look flawless regardless. 

The Pantsuit

Pantsuits are no news when it comes to power dressing but who can deny a good quality 2-piece? They give you that long and lean look without the pilates. Instead of grey or black, opt for a brighter hue like the muted yellow in the picture and combine with nude accessories for a flawless head-to-toe look.

The Good Old Black & White

J. Mendel
Next time there's an important party you need to attend where you ought to dress to impress, steer clear of those cocktail dresses and go for a timeless black and white look with a twist: match a low-neck soft blouse with a pair of tailored dressy pants that stop above the ankle. No one can resist the sexiness and the elegance of such a classic combo.

The Midi Wrap Skirt


If you really wanna step up your style game: give this skirt a try. It's midi but that opening at the front gives a little peek-a-boo at those legs only to make things slightly less work and a little bit more play. In any case, it's the perfect balance you're looking for in a professional but definitely not boring outfit.

Shop the look (scroll through for more):

Power Dressing by fashionistalooks on


Professional doesn't mean androgynous per se. A few elements can be healthy additions but don't be afraid to show your femininity. It's all about female power, remember?

Be demure, but not prudish. Showing some skin isn't a crime, just do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Since heels can be a pain sometimes, a pair of oxford flats will save your feet but will also help you maintain that preppy yet effortless look. Olivia Palermo should know, she wears them with everything. 

Vary your colors and patterns. The neutrals you can't go wrong with, but a berry color or a forest green can amp up an otherwise basic outfit. 

Accessories are your friend. Don't be that serious. Loosen up that crisp white shirt with a statement necklace. Sometimes it's nice to show that between your good work ethic and solid principles you know how to have some fun too.

Keep your makeup neutral and natural. Browny matte eyeshadows, waterproof mascara, my-lips-but-better lipstick and cream blush are your best friends.


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