Monday, May 25, 2015

Tips for Studying + Concentration

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Hello my lovely readers,

today's post is not exactly what you would expect from this blog, but I'm glad to bring you something that might actually help some of you. 

Exams are starting in a couple of weeks for me, which means that next month is going to be quite hectic and exhausting. So I figured in order to make this process a little bit easier I'd have to take all measures necessary.

Usually studying can have a negative connotation, so when you think about it you immediately start feeling stressed and worried that you're procrastinating and that you won't have enough time. It has happened to me more times than I can count. 

However, I find that most of the time, it's the getting started that puts me off. Once I can get my arse on that desk chair, I don't mind studying so much, I actually find myself enjoying it (okay it's not like reading literature for recreation but it's still an interesting experience). So this piece today is dedicated to making the idea of studying appealing - yes, you read that correctly. The process of studying could actually be enjoyable and less stressful if you follow some of these tips below.

Start your day with a shower. A refreshing shower can perk you up and give you an energy boost. I don't know about you, but it definitely makes me want to be more productive during the day.

Eat a filling (read: hearty not greasy) breakfast. Oatmeal with banana, or toast with a drizzle of honey or an omelette will be perfect (for more ideas, Pinterest should help).

Light a candle. Yes, I know, I know.. when you think of lit candles you think of romance and relaxation. Which are good things, right? So why not use an item with a positive connotation as part of your studying session? A scented candle will make everything seem all the more pleasant.

Make yourself a comforting cup of coffee (hazelnut instant coffee with lots of milk is my fave) or tea. Sipping a beverage I enjoy makes studying feel like less of a chore, and more like a pastime.

Stay hydrated. A bottle of water is always by my side when studying or working. If you're running low in hydration, you will get easily tired and start to feel drained and sleepy and you'll make everything so much harder than it already is.

Put on some soft music on low volume. I prefer classical, usually including piano, not too sad or too cheerful. With a quick search on Youtube you will find countless playlists suited especially for studying and concentration.

Always have some eye drops at hand. Your eyes can get dry and sore from staring at a computer screen or a book for hours and hours. Your eyeballs need some hydration too.

Sit on a proper desk. The bed might seem nice and comfortable but lying on it can get a little too comfortable. Sitting on the bed can give you a bad posture causing you neck strain and headache. Sitting on the desk makes me feel more organized and focused.

Try to keep your desk somewhat clean and sorted out. I know that might seem impossible for many of you - I've been there, trust me - but it helps a ton. Decide on what you're gonna study during the next hour(s), bust out all the books and notes you need and clear your space from anything unrelated. 

Make sure the lighting is adequate. There is nothing worse for your eyes than reading in bad lighting. Just make sure there's plenty of natural lighting in the room and that your eyes feel comfortable. 

Take a little pause every hour or so. Our brain needs breaks in order to store information more sufficiently and to function more properly. During some of those breaks try a little bit of meditation. Might sound weird, but I kid you not, it works wonders. My favorite website for the job is , it's honestly the most relaxing thing you can do for yourself. I'm telling you, once you try it, you'll get hooked.

I'm hoping some of these tips were useful to you!

Thank you for reading and I hope you come back soon,


  1. These are some really good tips! I actually did a similar post to this a week or so ago if you're interested, ahaha: xx

  2. Great tips.
    When i'm preparing for an exam, i make sure that I have enough sleep too.
    So I can focus and relax during exam'

    Check my new post.
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  3. Hello, can you please give proper credit for the photo? I created it for my tumblr,


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