Sunday, October 25, 2015

4 Days in Paris: My favorite moments

Hello my adorable readers,

During October 17th-21st I got the chance to spend some time in the City Of Light. Needless to say, it was a glorious experience. I didn't expect to fall in love with Paris as much as I did. It's without a doubt, the most beautiful, mesmerizing place I've ever been to. The architecture, the history, the monumets, the parks.. the whole city is a museum. There's beauty in every corner. From the cafes to the boutiques to the buildings, everything is regal, elegant and tasteful.

There was so much to take in and 4 and a half days were definitely not enough. We tried to cram in as much as we could but we're gonna need a do-over sometime. We didn't get the chance to visit les Versailles unfortunately, or the musee de Rodin which were in our initial plan but we still managed to do plenty.

You can get a taste of my amazing trip in the photos below. (Please note that this is only a fraction of the photos taken and the things we saw, but I couldn't possibly fit them all into one little blog post. The images below are just my favorites.)

Leaving Athens and flying over the Alps

A first walk at Champs Elysees

That tree caught my attention. The vibrancy of its leaves was stunning.

Gloomy weather, a few drops of rain and leaves everywhere au bord de la Seine

We stayed in the Opera district. 

Place Vendome. It was just around the corner from our hotel. 

The next morning we took the tour bus. We passed by some of the most famous landmarks.

Paris in motion.

More of La Seine. The river is really as magical as they say.

We also visited the Notre-Dame in Ile-de-la-Cite the very same day. That building is breathtaking.

From Ile-de-la-Cite we walked to Ile-Saint-Louis. They are connected by a small bridge. That was the only time when we caught a glimpse of the sun during our stay.

Then we took the metro and went to see the Louxembourg Gardens. Regal does not begin to describe this place.

The next morning we finally visited the Louvre. Thankfully, we had booked skip-the-line tickets and we didn't wait long before getting inside.

The love locks on the bridge. Paris is hands down, the most romantic city ever. There were young couples everywhere.

In the afternoon we took the metro again to visit Monmartre and the basilique du Sacre-Coeur. 
The church was so unique, it simply had to be photographed from every angle.

Monmartre is built on a hill with the church being on top therefore you get a really nice view of Paris as you go up.
The carousel gave me some serious nostalgic vibes.

We are now coming down. 

Tuesday morning we went to the Musee d'Orsay, an old train station. The design of the museum was spectacular. Some of the most iconic impressionist paintings are housed in this museum.

After spending a couple of hours in the museum, we took the metro to the Marais, a very aristocratic neighbourhood in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements.

We walked through many arches and reached Place des Vosges.

After wandering the streets of Marais we ended up in this awfully cute little garden in an alley.

In the evening, on our way to our hotel, we decided to stop by the iconic Galeries Lafayette, a Parisian shopping mecca.

I saved my favorite for last. A collage of the Fall scenery in the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Jardin des Tuileries. We couldn't have picked a better time to come to Paris.

On Wednesday morning we went for some last-minute gift-shopping and took a last walk through the Tuileries garden to marvel at the golden-leaved trees one more time. We had one last cup of hot chocolate at the Angelina cafe and then went straight to our hotel to pick up our luggage and left. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling so well that day hence the lack of photos.

I didn't include photos of our meals because the images weren't very high quality and I didn't wanna distract from the beauty of the scenery. If I must make a few recommendations though, I have to say we had some of our best meals ever in Le Chardenoux and Cafe Constant. Amazing upscale bistro food. Bear in mind that wining and dining in Paris isn't exactly cheap. There are restaurants pretty much everywhere but a little research beforehand will save you from tourist traps and overpriced mediocre food. I highly advise you to try the hot chocolate at the Angelina cafe (really close to the Louvre) and the cafe viennois at Les Deux Magots (iconic cafe in the Saint-Germain area).

C'est tout for now!

Hope you enjoyed!

A bientot!


  1. Its already magical in pictures can´t imagine how it must´ve been live. Thanks for sharing!


  2. It looks like you had an AMAZING time! Paris is such a beautiful city. I'm so glad you had a safe trip and made it home ok!



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