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2015 vs 2016: The it-items of the new year

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Happy Saturday! I'm still in my PJs, it's almost 3pm and I haven't had lunch yet. Woo hoo. I love to sleep in on the weekends - although who am I kidding I love to sleep in anyday if I can. I just find it way too hard to part ways with my bed on days when I don't have that many commitments. 

We're already halfway into January and I'm starting to see the trends forming for this year. Fashion is moving so rapidly these days, sometimes it's hard to catch up and take notice in the small but constant changes. This is what I love the most about fashion though, that it changes and adjusts itself to whatever socioeconomic shifts we're going through at the time. It feels as though fashion is a living creature, constantly fed by the evolution of our way of thinking, our ideas and our wishes.  

Okay I'm getting way ahead of myself here so I might as well take it down to the purpose of this post which is none other than to let you know of which items are going to dominate the store racks - and ultimately our closet- during the upcoming season. I decided to make this a little fun and put them side to side with the previous season's hot items so we can draw comparisons together. 

The general conclusion I came to is that so far we're not witnessing any major changes but then again, the changes in our way of dressing these days are much more subtle and fluid than they were in the 20th century. The 70s influence is still relatively evident but it isn't as blatant as it was this past fall. Alessandro Michele's collection at Gucci is making a huge impact apparently with its geeky, quirky granny chic style while Celine's and Chloe's modern urban laidback style is still at full force. Opposite Celine's minimalism, romance is in the air and it's taking form in sweet ruffles, elegant fit and flared dresses, dainty pleats and nude tones. There's a little bit for everyone this Spring with modern femininity being the key words.

All images are taken from but the piecing together and writing is my own.


I think we can all agree that 2015 was the year of the peasant blouse. Either romantic with pussy bows or boho with tassels and ethnic details, it was undoubtedly the one blouse style everyone had to own. However this trend is not making its way into oblivion any time soon as it's still very popular in the SS 2016 collections - which makes me quite happy since I'm a fan. In the summer of 2016 we're going to see plenty of off-the-shoulder tops which had reluctantly appeared last summer and worn by the likes of Olivia Palermo. This summer it's gonna be all about the sexy, off-the-shoulder blouse which is perfectly acceptable to wear at the beach as well as the bar. And yes I'm craving frozen margaritas and a tan right now.


I think everyone and their mother was wearing this suede buttoned mini skirt this past season. Last summer I was itching for one until I decided suede would be way too uncomfortable to wear in the Greek heat so I let go and went for a cargo khaki one with a zipper in the same A-line shape. This fall this trend took on and every affordable fashion chain carried tons of these pretty, back-to-school minis which the teen and tween crowds loved. This spring it's all gonna be about the soft, pleated midi skirt which is flowy, ethereal and classically feminine. It makes for a lovely versatile piece to own since it can be worn many many different ways: with a sweater for a cool, je-ne-sais-quoi look, with a crop top to make it a bit sexier or with a prim floral blouse for a ladylike 40s effect. 


With the 70s trend being the general theme last season, flared high waisted pants made a huge comeback. It seems as though everyone tossed their skinny jeans to the darkest pits of their closet only to bring that retro bootcut design back to life from its fashion death during the last decade. Yes they're still going strong this Spring so don't put them away, but if you really want the jean du moment go for a cropped style. Cropped jeans with a slight flare are the groundbreaking trend of this season - so if you're a denim fanatic you might not wanna miss out.


Pants aren't changing drastically either since culottes are as much in now as they were 3 months ago, if not more, and wide-leg pants are not anything new either. This season is going to be all about softness and comfort so not that many skinny designs in sight. I personally invested in a wide-leg design last Spring so I'm gonna stick to it and not bother with purchasing another. 


As much as we adore the new and exciting midi designs, no one can pass up a good, girly mini dress for spring and summer (and early fall). During this previous season 60s and 70s designs were everywhere you looked. Whether heavily printed with bell sleeves or high-necked and mod they were absolutely indispensable if you wanted that boho, flower-power look. This time we're sort of taking things back, making them a little simpler and less costume-y. The ever-classic and flattering fit-and-flared design is to be seen on every it-girl. It's sleeveless, usually solid or striped and it gives a beautiful shape to the body. Quite thrilled with this one too.


As you can witness there aren't that many differences to note this season. The maxi designs are heavy on the print and color and retain that boho appeal. However there will be a lot of pleats to be seen this spring and blossoming colors and patterns. Make use of these Roberto Cavalli-esque designs while they're still hot.


The poncho..lord knows what happened there. Ponchos were another defining moment of 2015 with Burberry creating the now infamous blanket-esque cover up that everyone who is someone from Olivia Palermo to Sarah-Jessica to Cara Delevingne donned with their initials on it. Cardigans are however taking a much more conservative direction come spring with Gucci's granny chic designs being the main inspiration.


The saddle bag.. another exhausted trend that's starting to make us say "enough". Time to make way for the new and fun handbag style which is none other than the top-handle bag. It's cute, retro and gives a playful, whimsical twist to a look. 


Flaforms were yet another disastrous fashion moment in 2015, but if you're a fan please don't jump at me. I'm praying that they go away - although I have a slight suspicion they won't. This year it's all about the lace-up flats. They're sweet and elegant and a lovely comfy alternative option to stilettos. Metallic hues are still very popular rendering the flats dressier and perfectly acceptable for a fab evening out.


Let me preface this by saying that when the above simple strappy nude heels made their appearance a couple of seasons back I was very enthusiastic and did not miss the opportunity to get myself a similar pair. However I think it's about time we put them to rest. The platforms are so back, which the Golden Globes red carpet made pretty evident. The higher the better: this season we're swapping dainty stilettos for chunkier, statement-like types to dress up our sundresses.

Do you agree with these "predictions"? Which items do you think are going to be next must-haves? Please share!

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