Friday, February 5, 2016

Mood Boards & Outfits: Valentine's Day

Hello my dear readers,

Valentine's Day is approaching and I thought it appropriate to make an outfit suggestions type of post. I considered doing it the usual way (if you're familiar with my posting style), by creating paperdolls (using Polyvore) that demonstrate the outfits.

But then I thought about making this more inspiring and personal, and less editorial-like. This isn't Who What Wear after all. Just a personal blog. What got me going was the idea that designing is always considered as more creative than styling and I just wanted to show you that styling can be a creative process and not just "which top goes with which skirt". Being a stylist feels like being an alchemist. It takes the right ingredients to make the perfect, sweet combination. While it's the designing that makes the garments, styling is what makes the look.

I bring you today 8 collages inspired by love that feature romantic, V Day-ready looks and the hottest items of the moment:

All sets are created by me.

flesh and bone - the pierces

This is a sweet, feminine Valentine's Day look: classic, elegant red dress, matching lips, a nude coat and a silver pop that adds a glam touch. The oxfords give a slightly androgynous touch to the delicate, ladylike ensemble.

april come she will - simon & garfunkel

This is possibly my favorite. Inspired by romantic sunsets and featuring dusky, lilac-y shades and soft, flowy fabrics. It's girly, youthful with a vintage appeal. Chanel's new eyeshadow quad for Spring 2016 feels like the perfect companion for this look.

technicolor beat - oh wonder

When creating this set I was thinking about hip, urban chic. The kind of girl that spends her day strutting on the streets of NYC and her evening visiting art galleries in Brooklyn with her hot boyfriend. She knows what's cool before anyone else does. Just like New York itself. I think the cropped flared jeans and the mules are the true stand-out pieces here.

lakehouse - of monsters and men

This look although similar to the previous one in terms of aesthetic and components was more inspired by nature and Earth. I was thinking of a couple taking a vacation, renting a cabin in the woods or a lakehouse and enjoying their surroundings and each other. This Valentino bag is a dreamy Spring accessory.

rhiannon - fleetwood mac

This is yet another look heavy on the romance. This was inspired by the morning after spending the night with someone, hence the lingerie-inspired shades. I conjured up a story about a couple falling in love in Paris in the Spring, having breakfast and taking long walks along Champs Elysees.

earned it - the weeknd

I was listening to music while making these sets and Earned it by The Weeknd came on during this one. It was inspired by the mystery that surrounds a new romance and how the tension climaxes and blooms during the early stage of the relationship. First there's dark and then a thousand colors. The dress is dainty and elegant for a date night and the flats are a more interesting alternative to a classic pair of stilettos.

honeymoon - lana del rey

This the most sugary-sweet one. Baby pink is the Pantone Color of the Year (along with baby blue) and it's the perfect shade for a Valentine's Day look. This one has a 60s, retro-futurism element that I love. It was inspired by Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon and the idea of an elusive lover through the eyes of a lovestruck, young heroine.

you and me - flume

Inspired by the 20s, art deco and architecture. Pleats and shoulder-baring tops are huge right now as well as metallic hues. Wasn't thinking of a particular story while putting this together, justing assembling pieces as I went along. 

I'm thinking of turning this into a series. What do you think? Did you enjoy this type of post? Let me know.


  1. Love all of them, great collages!

  2. AAA I love the collages! thanks for sharing:) Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


  3. Wow! Lovely collection of outfits Athena! Very inspiring!;)


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