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Oscars 2016: Best Dressed

Oscars 2016 Best Dressed

Hello world,

How are you feeling after last night's show? Relieved? Content? Disappointed? Did your favorites win?

I think the one thing that is on everyone's minds is that LEO FINALLY WON. Just for that alone, I'm pleased. Honestly if he didn't win this year either I'd be so effin' mad. His acceptance speech was wonderful and I love it when Oscar winners use the attention to shed light on an important issue. Kudos to you, Leo, you made me tear up.

I think the sweetest moment of the night was Leo and Kate posing together on the red carpet and then Kate's face as Leo made his speech. It was eye-wateringly beautiful. 

As for the rest of the winners, I don't think there were any huge surprises although I had high hopes for The Revenant. I haven't gotten the chance to watch Spotlight yet so I can't comment on that win, however I hear it's a brilliant film and I'm very excited to see it. It's just that The Revenant hit home with me and I wished to see Inarritu win two years in a row. Oh well, no biggie.

And now onto the fun stuff: what did you beauties think about the red carpet looks? I was so pleasantly surprised because there were just too many good looks! I couldn't even make out a worst dressed list because even those that didn't wow me were far from being poorly dressed. I'm usually a tough judge but honestly last night's outfits were some of the best we've seen in a while at the Oscars' red carpet. 

Let's dig in my favorites:


Margot Robbie was stunning as always last night and that Tom Ford gown was a perfect fit for her. Sexy, glamorous and ideal for such a fabulous evening. Ten points for the choice of handbag, since this clutch by The Row has turned out to be one of the season's hottest accessories. I love how it enhances the gown's sultry vibe while giving it a playful touch with the long fringe. Hair and makeup are minimal as they should be and she truly looks like a supermodel.


My favorite black dress of the evening: Julianne Moore's red hair and fair complexion contrast this Chanel Haute Couture gown very aptly, a combination that ultimately results in a sultry look to be remembered. Lovely.


Oscar at the Oscars: kay, whoever chooses Oscar De La Renta cannot do wrong in my eyes. Reese here went for a  deep violet strapless gown and paired it with a fuschia shade on the lips and silver jewlery, quite the cute combo if you ask me. Reese is one of my favorite style stars because she is always elegant and chic and doesn't get caught up in silly trends that can make one's personal style go awry. She opts for classic but she wins -  every time.


Cutest pregnant look of the evening, in my opinion. Sweet but far from boring. The pale pink shade compliments Emily's skintone while the silver touches add the necessary dose of glam without being kitchy or in your face. I love that she went Prada and didn't go down the obvious road as in Armani, Saab, Marchesa and the like. 


McAdams' halter minimal forest green gown could've easily been Calvin Klein Collection, however it's not. It's actually by August Getty, a designer I didn't know until now. It's definitely one of the sexiest looks we saw but it's still quite regal. Pretty.


She was the big star of the evening and I just love how happy she looked. This is what a person should look like when they're about to receive their first Oscar. And what does the actress of the moment wear at the movies' biggest event? Nothing but the brand of the moment which is of course Gucci by Alessandro Michele. It's ethereal, feminine and that blue-purple hue is enough to make a lasting impression. Congrats Brie!


Honestly I think for my top favorite, it's a tie between this look and the following two. Alicia Vikander looked like a real life Disney princess in Louis Vuitton - many compared her look to Disney's Belle and it's such a spot-on remark! Well, there was no Beast in sight but she was certainly a Beauty. Loved the silver touches and the transparent heels add a futuristic element which seems to tie into Vikander's persona. Can I also add how adorable she is? She's just beaming.


This is some serious eye-candy. I think Cate looked perfect in every way in this beyond-gorgeous Armani Prive gown. Her figure looks statuesque, and the blooming minty gown can make anyone sigh - it's THAT pretty. She looks so regal like she owns the place. Tasteful, romantic, excellent.


Saoirse has slowly but steadily climbed up the generally well-dressed young actress ladder but here she really took it to the next level. Although she has opted for a similar look by Calvin Klein Collection before - one of my favorites from her - she usually aims for more romantic, dainty hues and looks. My secret hope that she would go for Calvin Klein Collection again was fulfilled and it was everything. The emerald green shade looks like it was made for her coloring and the non-matching earrings were a smart touch that render the overall result much more youthful.

Who earned a spot in your Best Dressed list? Please let me know in the comments so we can have a chat!

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