Saturday, October 1, 2016

Luxury vs. Value: Fashion Dupes

Hello everyone,

Most of us are well aware of beauty "dupes". Sure you must have seen beauty blog posts and videos of side-to-side comparisons of luxury products and their lower-priced counterparts. But we rarely see a showdown between the season's hottest fashion items and their high street alternatives. If anything, it's somewhat of a taboo among the fashion industry. We all know that Zara basically copies all the popular designs you see at Net-A-Porter and the like, but nobody talks about it that openly, even if the "inspiration" is more than blatant.

In May I did a similar post which you can find here. The process of making it was so much fun I decided to try it again this season. Hopefully my findings will save you the trouble of having to look for a cheaper version of that hella-expensive item you've been coveting.

Luxury vs Value: Cat print + minimalistic pumps

While the Dolce Gabbana meowy prints are super adorable and covet-worthy, if you're shopping this trend simply for the quirk of it and let's say you're not exactly interested in the particular cut and quality of the garment then there's no reason why you should fork out nearly 2k when the job could be done for 20 euros. Same goes for the minimalistic, block heel pumps: if the cool design is your main reason for buying this shoe the Mango one should work just fine at a tenth of the price.

Luxury vs Value: Ruffle blouse + opulent accessories

This is one case where I really wouldn't think twice about skipping the expensive (af ) option and go for its perfectly decent H&M lookalike. Is the Chloe material better? Sure. Is it that better to justify dropping 2,6k? Nope. As for the accessories, I personally wouldn't splurge a ton on statement pieces but I understand how an expensive handbag could be an investment in the long run. As for the velvet boots, if I had the allowance I'd go for Miu Miu here since it's obvious that the craftsmanship and the design are more elegant but Zara does a great job too. This is merely a matter of budget here.

Luxury vs Value: Boho midi dress + platform heels

Here it's a simple matter of taste: do you enjoy a more subtle and dainty print or a bold, louder pattern? In any case, if what you're after is a 70s boho midi dress in a dark floral arrangement the H&M one is a steal. And yes I am eyeing it big time right now. As for the shoes, both pairs have the knot detail and are practically hard to tell apart. The YSL ones are obviously more refined and better quality but the Topshop pair doesn't fall far behind either.

Luxury vs Value: Gucci-mania

I mean is there any other brand as relevant as Gucci right now? Every single piece is a fashion editor/blogger's dream. And in case the Gucci price points are not as appealing to you, Zara's got your back, like always. Sure the real deal is much more valuable but for a trendy furry slipper that might as well be out of fashion in a couple seasons I think I'll go with the 40 euro option and never look back.

Luxury vs Value: Trumpet sleeves + wrap skirt

Isabel Marant has definitely shaken the fashion waters a bit this season and the ripple effect can be witnessed in every affordable chain store. The center focus: the wrap skirt. Leather, patent, assymmetrical and very Instagrammable. But it's also almost 400 euros which isn't too shabby compared to other luxury offerings. However a patent wrap skirt with some serious 80s vibes, cute as it is may be dated a year from now so again I think I'd skip the real deal and go for the good deal. As for the trumpet sleeve blouse, is there even a question? Save yourself the 2,555 and get the H&M.

Luxury vs Value: Metallics + croc

I'll tell you one thing and save you from your misery: I took ballet classes for 8 years and all the ballet shoes I bought during those years added together do not equal 430 euros. Sure the design is super cute but you'll never convince me that these are a good investment. The Marant skirt on the other hand is an elegant and relatively timeless design and the price is more than fair for a luxury purchase (especially if you catch it on sale). But if you're merely looking to satisfy your craving and don't feel so sure about the triple-digit commitment, Zara is here for you, coming to a broke girl's rescue. 

And remember my friends: true style doesn't have a price.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Nice post!

  2. I go for the dupes when they are cheaper in price but good quality. Sometimes dupes can be made cheaply and not worth the money and sometimes so can the expensive pieces, so I always go for the quality pieces at times x

    1. I agree. However sometimes if something is too flashy or trendy and I just want to have it for the trend alone and don't care much about longevity, I think it's wiser to not splurge, but that's just me! I def do not think the cheaper items are on par quality-wise with the designer ones, but they do the job if you can't afford to go for the real thing! Thanks for chiming in!

  3. I almost always go for the dupes! I don't invest in trendy designer clothing because it goes out of season before you get your money's worth in wears!


    Nicole |

  4. Love your post! Totally agree with you! For a trendy piece that goes out of style so quick, buy the dupe! If it's something I still must have, I'll watch for it on The Real Real, it will make it there soon enough! Love to invest in the classic's though!
    xx Tammy

  5. great post!!

  6. I loved this post! I think Mango have some amazing dupes, I love the shoes in the first look. x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  7. This is such a good post! Amazing to see the comparison between the designers and fast fashion brands!

    Pose & Repeat

  8. love this post! so practical!


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