Friday, September 15, 2017

Τhe Sex and the City looks that are more trendy than ever

It's no secret that Sex and the City was one of the most influential tv shows for fashion and pop culture in general.

It's still admirable how still, to this day, we refer to it casually on a regular basis. And it all comes down to Patricia Field's incredible talent and hard work. Its iconic fashion moments have been a constant source of inspiration for almost 20 years now. And with fashion trends coming back every 20 years (there have been many articles written about this phenomenon), we're at this point in time now where late 90's/early 2000s fashions -aka SATC era- are having a massive appeal again. Carrie is more fashionable than ever.

Which is definitely, again, a proof of the so-called 20 year trend cycle theory because when I first watched Sex and the City several years ago - I was just 9 years old when the finale of the show aired - I remember looking horrified at those very same outfits, thinking how could this be deemed fashionable? I've since re-watched the show dozens of times, picked apart and analyzed the characters' outfits, all the details and how they tie into the story and finally got it. But while on my bazillionth marathon, which started just the other day (I'm currently on season 5 - still can't believe what a douche Berger was and how underappreciated Miranda is) I noticed how incredibly relevant and familiar many of these looks are. So I decided to gather the most "current" SATC  items and looks and offer you their modernized counterparts.

Let's dig in!

(excuse the poor quality of some of these, but they were literally printscreened from my laptop while watching because they couldn't be found anywhere else)

Samantha's gingham co-ord set

If this gingham crop top doesn't scream summer of 2017 to you, then I don't know what does. Gingham was absolutely everywhere this season and while the modern version would've likely been paired with a more high-waisted bottom, even tummy-bearing numbers have been seen on the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Fun touch: the rose tinted sunnies, also a rising trend right now.

Carrie's asymmetrical ruffled dress and transparent mule sandals

Possibly my favorite Carrie outfit. There's not one component in this look that would feel off worn today. Even Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller recently re-designed Carrie's infamous sparkly transparent heels which of course sold out like hotcakes. Carrie lives on.

Miranda's oval white rimmed sunglasses

This definitive 90s design is back at full force and re-iterations of it can currently be found even chez Zara et co. Gone are the days of oversized shades a la Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton.

Charlotte's metallic ringe handle mini bag

This. This was the moment I decided to make this post. I had never seen metallic handle bags being a thing prior to 2017 but apparently they were. This cute little accessory could've easily jumped out of the new arrivals section at Net-A-Porter. 

Carrie's cropped flared jeans

Hello Carrie, 2017 called and it wants its jeans back. Thanks.

Miranda's choker top

From Moda Operandi to Forever 21, every fashion retailer under the sun is carrying some version of the choker top. Whether cropped, wrap, with a plunging neckline or victorian sleeves, it is the blouse style we can't stop seeing on our Instagram feed. Samantha has also worn a version of this at least twice on the show.

Carrie's runner shoes

Long before athleisure was even a thing (80s don't count), Carrie sported a pair of red running shoes not as part of her workout gear - the only cardio she ever practiced was shopping - but as part of a perfect, casual, relaxed city look, ideal for a stroll by the side of Mr Big. And while Carrie wasn't often seen in such attire - she wasn't big on casual after all - this remains one of her most timeless looks.

Charlotte's frilly crop top

While these sartorial choices could be considered a little bit odd for a sports event - especially Miranda's - Char's pretty in pink in this adorable frilly crop top. If this was available right now, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Carrie's oversized shirt and mules

This is one of the most "Carrie" of the Carrie outfits. Who knew that almost 20 years later, we'd even have a proper term for this kind of unorthodox way of wearing the classic shirt: "shirting"! And of course it's paired with a brand-name mannish belt and again, transparent mules. If I was to recreate this though, I'd make sure to add a pair of pants though for good measure.

Charlotte's plaid maxi coat

Of course, Charlotte, the Park Avenue princess would wear a long boxy Burberry trench. It's as much preppy as it is cool and it makes perfect sense. It's funny how it took me all these years to see the appeal. I could easily see Burberry re-releasing this now and it becoming the new it-thing.

There's plenty more but we'd still be here tomorrow morning if we were to analyze every iconic SATC look. I urge you to invite a few girlfriends over for some pizza and wine and have marathon so you can observe all the striking similarities for yourselves!

I mean, as if you needed an excuse, right?


  1. That ruffled dress is everything! I love the style on Sex and the City and you are so right....they really are tons of looks that are re-emerging.

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