Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've got a lil' bit too much (All of the people start to rush)

When you see that picture "Oh la la" is not exactly what comes out of your mouth... Miss Lady GaGa, as we've never seen her before...Thoughts?? Oh well, I know what mine are: dissapointment and frustration. Dissapointment because she was my idol, and frustration because we get to see all these 'fabulous' celebrities with the perfect style, that are dominating the industry and the magazine covers, always glowing and shiny, with too much sparkle, too much glitter, too much make-up on, too much everything..Well, in this world of "too much" and overall exaggeration, I say NO to Lady GaGa, and to every random, unoticeable, potential 'star' that makes us consider her as a 'goddess'.

Hollywood, you'd better keep it real! (Like 'real' and 'Hollywood' were ever compatible :P )

xoxo Athena..

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