Saturday, September 18, 2010

Get the Look: Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Palermo and Serena Van Der Woodsen

I know I'm always all about "how we shouldn't copy other people's style", but some women are true inspiration to me and I really enjoy making these kind of sets on Polyvore so why not share it with you? These 3 style queens have a very distinct sense of style which I admire. Sarah Jessica Parker (Check out the SJP tribute post here: : Oh my god, what should I say? She and Carrie are so alike. She makes it hard to tell the one from the other! Olivia Palermo (Check out the Olivia tribute post here: I think her style is flawless, and what's most impressive, is that she has established her own style without any stylist's interference and last but not least, Serena Van Der Woodsen: Ok, I know the styling genius behind her is Eric Daman, but I should give her credit for her glorious body, which makes everything that she wears look good. 

You like?
Which one is your favorite?


  1. Sarah and Serina are amazing! I just found your blog. Greek + talented = Follow!

  2. AMAZING POST. Take a look on my blog and feel free to follow me, I'm following you. I would love if we could follow each other, ohh and if you have twitter you can add me too or facebook . I would be so glad.
    I just posted fall trends and colors, stay tunned. ♥, Jo

  3. Hi, thanks for your comment in the previous post, now my texts are in English for you can understand what I mean! kiss


  4. I love the Sara Jessica Parker outfit - that colour is amazing! I might check out the Dorothy Perkins one you suggest.

    Love your blog :)


  6. I love them!!!! :)


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