Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just a few ideas..

So I was thinking how I haven't posted one of my polyvore sets in a long time now, and since I made this new one that I'm really proud of, I thought that maybe I should start posting them again.

I really hope you liked my latest post and outfit, I've put much heart and soul into this blog so I really hope the whole thing pulls off. The truth is I want this to be a mixture of outfits, stylistic advice, news etc., so I'm sort of re-inventing this. There are like, SO many things going through my mind right now and pretty much ALL the time and I'm kinda stressed up 'cause I really, really, REALLY need this to work. I need more followers to join, and more comments and views and everything and I wish and pray and work my ass off everyday to make this happen.

So please, if you're reading this, take the time to write a comment, or just hit 'like' or whatever. You have no idea how much it means to me everytime you do.

You can't fly away, electric bird.

Erdem flower print shirt
$1,140 -
Gucci pants
£460 -
Zara leather heels
$50 -
Lanvin clutch bag
£164 -
Gorjana drop earrings
$100 -

So, the reason why I love this set so much is that it's simple and complicated at the same time. It contains like so many different textures and shapes and it ends up looking so neat, I love it. I don't mean to brag, but- oh well.  I think it's because of the pants. These gorgeous Gucci pants that I never thought I would like that much. I was never a big fan of wide-leg pants or pajama pants or palazzo pants or whatever they call them anyway. I always wear skinny jeans or something more cuffed towards the ankle. But these are cropped and they look like a midi-length skirt (kinda) which is HUGE this season (thanks to Hannah McGibbon for that) but still it's pretty clear that they're pants. And the color is epic.

The top (by Erdem, LOVE Erdem) is so ruffled and cute, I kind of balances out the straight clean line of the pants with a little bit of volume.

And last but not least, these pumps, by Zara, yes, the ones that you've seen everywhere and on every fashion blogger with respectable fashion sense. These cutout pumps are the perfect missing piece to this fashion puzzle, and I guess these pumps do actually go with everything, so I guess they're the perfect match to any outfit.

The bag is just a metallic touch that takes it up a notch.

Hope you like it!

Enough with my rumbling already!



  1. I adore the top! And I am a fan of wide-leg pants, very glad they're in fashion again. Of course the asymmetric pumps are classic, and I love how elegant they look with everything! That clutch is a dream, by the way. But the earrings, hm... I can't say I like them that much. But it's a matter of taste, so don't mind me!

  2. I think they are all wonderful did a great job at pairing all this pieces together..I think as a whole it will be an awesome look

    The Black Label

  3. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I think we have similar taste in fashion. I too am obsessed with Olivis P. I have those black Zara heels above and I have the purple Zara skirt in the previous post. I LOVE Zara, unfortunatly the closest one is a 5 hour drive so I get a lot of it on Ebay, at inflated prices I'm sure. I'm gonna follow you on Bloglovin as well.

  4. Absolutely stunning!

    I follow your blog!
    Please follow my blog!

  5. perfect shoes!

    x Camilla

  6. Great photo, I love those black Zara heels, so awesome :)


  7. wow, that looks really amazing! great colour blocking.

  8. i feel you on the needing the blog to work thing. just keep at it i guess :) your blog is fantastic and i love love love this polyvore set. and dude those zara pumps. i need them. everyone else has them. but i need them forreals. the slanted toe is sooo gorgeous
    jewelry giveaway!

  9. Love the deep purple. The outfit looks great!

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    PS. I want the purple Chanel!! ^o^



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