Monday, October 21, 2013

Spring 2014 Review: Athens Fashion Week: Day 1&2

Good morning readers,

I am so excited! I attended fashion week for the first time and I must say it was a quite rewarding experience. I was in the "Press" section so today I got an email with lots of photographic content to use for the blog. I am about to review a couple of shows - the ones I considered to be the most interesting.

Plus, in an upcoming post I'll be uploading my own pictures from the actual show which I attended yesterday evening with my best friend, Catherine as well as an extensive review on the collection. 

Makis Tselios
 photo MakisTseliosss2014_zps8ebc11eb.jpg

Makis Tselios is an old classic. Probably one of the biggest names within the Greek fashion industry. Yes, he doesn't share the same spontaneity with the younger designers or the boldness to present something innovative and groundbreaking but when it comes to Greek fashion I find this to be a good thing. The clothes looked expensive, luxurious, feminine and fitted the models great. They were flattering. Tselios has been in the business for a long time and he knows his craft well. Classic? Yes. Outdated? No. Maybe his younger fellow designers can take a few lessons.


 photo Underground_zps7583ed2a.jpg

This brand is the exact opposite of the above. It's the new generation of Greek designers, who in an (failing or not) attempt to follow the steps of innovative brands like House of Holland, Topshop, Jeremy Scott, are going for the bold, quirky look. The result is ambiguous. To the young hip downtown scene it is pleasant and fresh, to me not so much (I do appreciate the effort though). It is up to you to decide.

Faliakos by Petridis

 photo FaliakosbyPetridis_zps9f5830b0.jpg

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't familiar with this designer at all but I was pleasantly surprised. I am happy that there's some initiative that encourages fashion in Greece but I usually don't expect much. Greek designers lack the skill, the education, the know-how and the aesthetic of foreign designers. I am not saying this in a demeaning way, I'm simply stating the facts here. However, this collection was actually nice -not perfect, not Earth-shatteringly amazing- but decent. It was well put-together and that's what matters to me. There was a cohesion and a message that wasn't too vague. Good job.

Stay tuned, 'cause there's more to come!


  1. such beautiful collections!!!

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  3. ΠΟλυ καλη η κολιξιον του Τσέλιου!


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