Sunday, January 26, 2014

9 refreshing tips to change up your daily style

After several outfit posts, I decided to go back to my roots. I really wanted to make a post that hopefully some will find useful.
Now that the holiday season is long gone and we're slowly starting to crave some change but don't really have any spare money left for late-season hauls, it's time to get creative and start working with what we've already got. Sometimes I think I get so caught up in making plans to buy new clothes and accessories in my head that I forget to enjoy the things that I have in my closet. And that is such a bad rationale. In fact, there's absolutely nothing remotely rational about it. We spend loads of money on material goods and we don't even give ourselves the time to appreciate them. We're leading busy lives and we consume, consume, consume. So this time of the year I want to come up with every combination possible and put all those tips and trends I picked up on into effect.
So basically this article is meant to help you guys and also serves as a little reminder for myself to spice up our winter wardrobe and revamp our everyday style.
Let's begin, then: 
1) Don colored tights 
I'm pretty sure many of you have one or more pairs of stockings in a bright hue in a corner somewhere in your closet but never really took the risk to actually wear them. They're actually a brilliant accessory for those cold winter months and they will give your classic black skirt a twist. And even if you don't, H&M and Forever21 offer options that definitely won't break the bank.
2) Cuff your jeans 
Give your old blue jeans a twist and add that extra 'cool' factor to your look by cuffing them at the ankle. Your shoes will show better and your outfit will look effortlessly chic.
3) Wear a large scarf as outerwear 
 No need for those "last chance" outerwear deals that flash on stores' websites and windows. A wide scarf can serve as either a cardigan or even a cape on a warmer day.
4) Tie your waist belt in a knot 
 Talk about giving your outfit a twist! A nice outfit is all about detail. And that is the simplest one you can add.
5) Layer a simple shirt with a crop sweater 
 Want to wear your crop top with pants but you're too cold or too self-conscious to bare your tummy? Style star Zoe Saldana executes layering perfectly. Take style cues from her look.
6) Layer necklaces 
 Statement necklaces have been a big (literally) thing lately but there's no need for you to rush to a store. Layer multiple necklaces to achieve that look and give life to your plain white tees and sweaters.
7) Add a cute, small purse to a basic outfit 
 Now that's a little bit more specific than the other tips but if you already have a bag like that, ditch that oversized city handbag and go for a smaller, cuter version that will make your go-to outfit more stylish and flirty.
8) Wear a colored piece against a total black look 
 Winter is THE time for total black looks. For a change, single out a colored piece and let it be the focus of your outfit.
9) Wear a collared shirt underneath a sweater 
 For classic, preppy look that would make Spencer from Pretty Little Liars proud next time wear a collared shirt with your sweater. If you wish, add a little collar accessory like the one in the picture.
Hope you enjoyed this post and found at least some of this interesting!
Let me know your thoughts below!
What kind of fashion advice-related post would you like to see next?


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