Sunday, October 19, 2014

8 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season

If I haven't made it pretty clear already, Fall is my favorite season. Though I do believe I haven't yet had the full, Fall experience in all its glory because of where I live, I still really enjoy all the small and lovely bits and bobs Fall has to offer.

We are right in the heart of Fall right now and heading towards winter and I'm so excited to share with you all the things that make this season very special for me in this fun, lighthearted post.

So now that I'm chilling in my robe with my Yankee Vanilla Cupcake candle burning and my The Pierces music playing, I'm ready to dive right into it.


From fashion week attendees to casual park walkers, fall streetstyle has to show the most interesting and intriguing looks as opposed to summer's easy breezy sundresses, denim cutoffs and flip flops. Fall style calls for more layering, more textures, more complex combinations that result in unique outfits that stand out on the streets.


I'm probably the biggest fan of tights out there - I have Blair Waldorf to thank for that among other things. I love how they make simple looks more sophisticated and transform them instantly. A pair of opaque tights will make a dressier look more casual while a pair of lace tights will make a more casual piece look more formal. I just think of tights not only as a necessity that keeps your legs warm and comfortable but also serves as a fab accessory. Don't neglect your tight game, gals!


There's nothing that says fall fashion more than boots. Riding boots, motorcycle boots, ankle boots, lace up boots, heeled boots, over-the-knee boots, the list goes on and on and on. There's something for everyone out there. I love the comfort and the warmth they provide without looking any short of cute.


If there's something that you immediately think of when you think of Fall style is scarves, beanies, cardigans, sweaters! They don't call it sweater weather for no reason. Chunky knits that offer you this ultimate level of comfort where you just feel like cocooning in your home and drinking chai latte are THE staple. Ah, they're the epitome of fall clothing!


If you are a loyal Fashionista Looks reader (yay you!) then you must have caught on my latest piece on this fall's outerwear (if you haven't check it out now here). It's all about the coats, ladies. It's the number 1 item people will pay attention to, and it should be the focus point of your streetstyle game.


My absolute favorite thing about fall is the leaves and the changing colors. The red, the orange, the yellow tones are just brightening the city up and making our dull days a bit more exciting. There's just something so calming about watching the nature change, there's a stillness in that perfection that tells you "look around, no matter what big or small things are going on in your life, time goes on and life goes on without you noticing or doing anything about it". You kind of figure out how small you are in the face of all that greatness.


If you follow any beauty gurus of the social media then you must have been acquainted with the fall makeup trends by now. Plum and berry lips, soft & smudgy smokey eyes, bold defined brows, burgundy nails, perfect porcelain-like skin are your key components to a fall-ready look. These stunning hues are my favorites because they add to that perfect, sutlry, sexy, vampy look that really makes an impact.


Hearty pies, spiced lattes, warm-scented candles, rich body body products are just all-around lovely additions to the fall experience. Let's be honest, these are the kind of things you don't really need but if my room can smell like a rained forest and my skin like a cupcake, hell yeah I'm gonna buy that stuff! I mean, who can say no to flavorful comfort food and a nice, pumpkin spice scented pamper session? My favorite thing is staying at home, lighting my candle, making a hot beverage and curling up in my bed while I'm watching my favorite TV shows. What can I say, I'd have this over clubbing any day!

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  1. Looking at those photos,makes me love autumn even more!!

    1. That was my intention! Thank you so much for stopping by! :) xo

  2. Fall is one of my favourite seasons too! I love boots as well, I am always so happy when the weather gets chilly enough that I can pull out my leather boots again :)

  3. I absolutely love fall! I agree with you on all of these points. :)

  4. Love fall...esp love to wear coats ;-)

    P.S Thanks a lot for your lovely comments on my post is live ;-)

  5. Yes, I agree with all of these! Loving the street style pics :)
    Hope you're having a great day!
    xo Hannah

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  6. very positive post! I follow you by Google + :)

  7. Love this post! I also love the style of fall, not to mention the events like apple picking, corn mazes and halloween parties!

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  8. I LOVE cosy knits, rich colours and yankee candles - beautiful!! :)

    Layla xx

  9. YES YES YES! amazing post! I love all of the photos. dark makeup, tights and boots. <3 <3

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  10. YES! Fall is such an amazing season, love what you've put together.


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