Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Steal Her Style: Olivia Palermo

Hello lovelies,

Are you excited for New Year's Eve yet?

It took me forever to figure out my NYE plans and they're finally all set. That night tends to be quite stressful. You feel like you have to go somewhere, you have to have fun. Word of advice: don't give in to the pressure. If you don't feel like doing anything save yourself from the crazy traffic and crammed clubs and bars and stay at home. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I know because I was literally ready to give up making all these plans, because it was just so stressful. But I somehow managed to arrange something for that night.

In case you're still wondering what to wear on the big night I have a couple of posts dedicated to that:
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But now on to something entirely different: this post has some serious dose of Olivia Palermo inspiration (if you didn't figure it out already lol). If you've followed this blog for some time now you might have noticed a have a slight obsession with Olivia Palermo and her style. I mean who can deny that, that woman is perfection. She goes from modern glamorous to boho chic in no time and she always manages to look polished wherever she goes. That is my motto: look polished no matter what you wear. Whether it is a simple tee, shorts and ballet flats or an LBD and stilettos make sure your outfit comes together and looks sophisticated and elegant.

I broke down for you some of her killer looks and recreated them using more affordable items.

Get The Look For Less: Olivia Palermo

Get The Look For Less: Olivia Palermo

Get The Look For Less: Olivia Palermo

Get The Look For Less: Olivia Palermo

Get The Look For Less: Olivia Palermo

Get The Look For Less: Olivia Palermo


Olivia loves jackets and coats. Hers are always tailored to perfection. Always keep proportion in mind. She adores capes too especially paired with turtlenecks and cigarette pants.

Another staple in Olivia's closet are over the knee boots. Flat or heeled, they definitely add a nice touch to any look.

Olivia is not afraid of color, or mixing and matching patterns. It is really important to take risks and try new combinations because that is what really sets apart a trendsetter's style from the rest.

Lace up heels are also a favorite of Olivia's, because they are so flattering and feminine. However to pull these off, you must have slim ankles. If you don't, I'd suggest you refrain from wearing those.

Olivia also loves texture in her looks. She really goes for trends such as fur, fringe and tweed.

Olivia describes her style as "accessorized". She's definitely not the minimalist type. She likes to add a nice cocktail ring or a statement necklace to amp up her look 99% of the time.

Androgynous is another of her signature styles. A tailored pant paired with a loose pinstriped shirt slightly tucked in and a pair of heels is a sexy timeless look that can't go wrong.

As far as beauty goes, Olivia always looks -surprise surprise- polished.  Her makeup is usually earthy toned, more dainty and conservative during the day and more smokey and flirty at night. Usually the main focus is the eyes. For her evening looks she loves a flirty flutter with smoked out liner and false lashes emphasized on the outter corners. Her complexion always looks fresh, dewy, and definitely not heavy or cakey. There's always a bit of glow to her cheeks, so if you wish to have her look opt for a shimmery blush or a highlighting product on the cheekbones.

Her hair is always shiny and luscious, so invest in good hair products/treatments to keep your hair as healthy looking as hers. She loves a good braided updo as much as she loves her soft romantic waves and sleek straight dos. She prefers her hair parted in the middle most of the time.

I hope you found this article helpful and inspiring! If you did please tell me so.


  1. What a lovely post! Have a great 2015.
    For New Years Eve, I'm actually just having a small get together with some of my friends ♥
    Amy xx

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    1. Thank you so much! You too!
      Those are actually the best kind! I hope you have a lovely time!xo

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