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MFW Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Favorites

MFW Fall 2016 Favorites

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How's your Thursday treating you, my dear readers? I personally love Thursdays, 'cause they're one step closer to the end of the week. Plus there's a new Suits episode I can download and watch, which is always fun. 

But what's more fun, is getting to view and review all the hottest collections from Fashion Month. I've already done my own take on NYFW and LFW which you can check out in case you missed them, but I can safely say that the excitement just keeps on climaxing.

NYFW was good, you know classic urban hip chic while LFW was more adventurous, print-heavy although still relatively predictable. Now Milan is a whole other story. Milan is where next season's fashion truly blossomed. I don't think there was a more anticipated show than the Gucci one and deservedly so. Alessandro Michele's quirky, whimsy, granny chic has taken the fashion world by storm and so many brands followed up on that aesthetic. If there is one word I can describe the Milan shows with that is 'maximalism'. Opposite to NYFW's demure but still impactful minimalism, Milan just showcased the boldest, most flamboyant looks that just leave us wanting more. 

Now let's jump into the shows that stood out the most. 


Okay, I had to start off with the most buzzed-about collection of them all. Alessandro Michele offered once again a spectacular assortment of quirky garments, that was very consistent to his previous offerings. There were capes, big bows, colorful tights and once again his ethereal, colorful romantic gowns that the red carpet goers have graced recently (cue Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson and indie pop megastar Florence Welch). Michele just refuses to hold back and he's right to. Opposite the 'less is more' philosophy that ruled over the past few years, Michele's 'more is more' approach turns out to be refreshing. Fashion, for me, is all about experimenting, trying crazy combinations, challenging beauty standards and just celebrating expression free from all rules. This designer seems to fit the bill with this one.


The Prada collection seemed to borrow elements from the aforementioned aesthetic, while keeping the essence of Prada strong. However this collection looked less gimmicky and more wearable. The clothes felt like things we could do more with than just marvel at - a goal that is not always fulfilled these days. The accessories were oustanding, with big statement key ring necklaces and 40s inspired shoes being the stand-out pieces. There were pretty jacquard midi dresses and beautiful lush outerwear to keep us warm on those dreary winter nights. What else to ask for. 


The key word for this Fendi collection was 'ruffles'. These weren't choppy, dated ruffles though but delicate, restrained and futuristic. When you think of ruffles though don't let your mind travel to romantic themes, this was as modern and fashion-forward as ready-to-wear gets. A daytime striped flowy midi dress, colorful fur jackets and suede over-the-knee footwear will make for great streetstyle sightings. 


To be perfectly honest here I had sort of given up on BV during the last couple of seasons. I was taken by a pleasant surprise this time around because this collection ticked all the boxes for me. It was wearable, practical, well-made, effortless, elegant and easy. A teal windowpane leather belted jacket was vibrant while the soft knits and wide-leg pants looked cool and super comfy. However the most memorable pieces of the collection were the midi lightweight knit dresses in various shades of nude. I'd wear those any day.


Another collection I was looking forward to and I was not disappointed. Marni has always been known for its oval shapes and colorblocking tones but this time a new edge was given to the clothes by adding bubble sleeves and harlequin prints. The geometry of the clothes was very satisfying but my favorite item from the entire thing was a printed egg-shaped jacket with big lapels, pearls and teal adornments. 


Now forget all that was said previously about maximalism and 'more is more'. Jil Sander is THE minimalist brand so if Gucci's and Prada's exaggeration doesn't speak to your soul, this should do. I am not a minimalist myself, but these clothes can easily convert me. The highlight of the show: the metallics. A midi baggy metallic rosy dress was way more grown-up than it sounds while a sculpted silver coat had a stupefying matte metallic appearance that was simply dazzling. An off-the-shoulder, ruched black midi dress paired with flats had a surprising daytime appeal and two midi v-neck slip dresses (one in black pailletes and another in wrinkled silver) where the perfect evening options for the je-ne-sais-quoi girl. Marvellous.

Are you excited for Paris? Which shows impressed you the most? Sound off below!

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