Monday, June 20, 2016

How To Get Ready FAST In The Morning

Hello my lovely readers,

How’s summer going for ya? My schedule has been so boring you would die if you heard about it. I want to assume that most of your lives are pretty boring and mundane as well and that you’re not sipping pina coladas on some fabulous soft sand-clear water beach. Just kidding (or am I?)

The truth is while and Τrip Αdvisor have been cramming my email feed with offers on  the countless destinations I never have the time or money for, I’ve been studying for my finals and coming up with new ideas about blog posts.

I figured this time I’d tackle the dreaded subject of getting ready in the morning. Over many years in school, I’ve gathered quite a hefty amount of tips on how to look presentable in a pinch.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Trying to apply mascara with one hand while sipping on that very necessary gulp of coffee and also checking the time so you don’t miss the bus (again).

It’s all about the right preparation so you have as little to do in the morning as possible.

TIP no1:

Plan out your outfit the night before, or if you’re very Type A you could put together a weekly outfit planner on the weekend so you don’t have to  think about what you’re gonna wear during the hectic weekdays.

HOWEVER, if you decide on a certain look you might also wanna try it on before you decide that’s what you’re going to wear. Trust me, I’ve been there, it’s so frustrating when in the morning the outfit you imagined looks nothing like it did in your head. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

TIP no2:

Be realistic. Chances are you will regret wearing those fancy heels or that come morning, you won’t have the energy to put together a super elaborate look. Stick to smart, comfy yet stylish looks.

TIP no3:

Pick out the makeup you’re gonna wear. Again, if you know you just can’t whip up a smokey eye in 10 minutes just don’t attempt it. You know your skills and your time limits. The thing with more complex makeup looks is that mistakes can happen in the process and these can eat away lots of your time. When I need to get ready in a pint, concealer, blush, bronzer, mascara and lip balm are all it comes down to.

TIP no4

Lay it all out: makeup, clothes, accessories etc. Hang the clothes you wanna wear in your bedroom (or wherever you’re getting dressed), lay out the makeup and skincare products you’re going to use on your vanity or bathroom counter so you don’t have to search for them in the morning with your eyes half open.

TIP no5:

Apply your dry shampoo the night before. In case you have no time for a hair wash or you just want to give your roots a bit of a boost without lots of effort, don’t wait till morning to apply your dry shampoo. By doing it the night before, the product absorbs the oil better and come morning your hair will feel fresher and the best part … no white traces! We’ve all dealt with that pesky white powdery residue that’s a pain to remove.  Here ya go, extra minutes saved and your hair will actually look better.

TIP no6:

Try a fast breakfast: breakfast truly is important and homemade oatmeal is always healthier than a bagel from that street vendor at the corner so make sure you don’t skip the good stuff and go for the bad stuff. However, I know, I know, who’s got time for that? You, if you choose smart: a muffin you’ve made yourself (there are TONS of healthy muffin recipes on Pinterest), yogurt and fruit you’ve cut up from the night before or, my personal favorite, overnight oatmeal! If you don’t know what overnight oatmeal is I highly suggest you Google it asap, it will change your life! 

TIP no7:

Prepare your bag or whatever you need to take with you also the night before. There’s nothing worse than struggling to find your keys or wallet while the clock is ticking and your nerves are on the verge of breaking. 

Were these of any help to you? Please do let me know in the comments and don't forget to share any additional tips you may have!

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