Friday, July 22, 2016

Skopelos Days 1 & 2

Hello there my lovely readers,

Where have I been? Well, as soon as my summer finals were over I headed out of town for a much needed vacation with the boyfriend. Our destination of choice: Skopelos island, Greece.

Skopelos is known to many as the place where Mamma Mia (the movie) was shot. The so-called "blue and green island" literally has something for everyone: beautiful long, pebbled beaches with emerald waters, pine tree forests, hiking trails, unique architecture and of course, Greek food. What else could you possibly ask for? I've been vacationing in the Cyclades (a different island complex) for the past couple of years so I needed to switch to a less dry and rocky scenery. And Skopelos did just the job.


The very first day we went for a quick swim at Stafylos Bay quite late in the afternoon. It was quite crowded for a Wednesday and as the golden hour approached the scenery became more and more idyllic. However we were so tired from our trip that I didn't bother to take that many photos.

However as we were leaving and the sun was setting I managed to snap the breathtaking view.

We headed to our hotel, showered and headed out for some gyros because we were absolutely starving at that point, so unfortunately I don't have anything else worthy to report from day one.

DAY 2:

On day two we took the local bus to one of the largest and busiest beaches, Milia. Fortunately it wasn't too crowded and you could definitely find a calmer spot. It was absolutely stunning, the reflection of the pine trees gave the water the most unique tint. It was a scenery I had never come across in Greece. It felt like I was bathing in a lake somewhere in Switzerland maybe.

Milia beach

I got to put to use for the first time my brand new float that my boyfriend got me and I was truly blissful. I stayed in the water for more than an hour and a half, I completely soaked!

Truly one of the loveliest days of the year.

In the evening we took on to discover the narrow streets of Skopelos town and where they led. We lost ourselves in the uphill labyrinth and marvelled at the local architecture.

But first some fashion snaps:

Top: BSB / Skirt: H&M / Mules: H&M / Mini bag: Accessorize / Earrings: H&M

As the sun disappeared, we found ourselves getting increasingly hungry so we went to Anna's Restaurant which turned out to be one of our favorite culinary experiences on the island. There are signs all over town pointing you to the right direction in order to find it because it's so well hidden you could easily miss it (but trust me, you shouldn't!). It's a pretty garden right in the heart of the town which makes for a lovely romantic setup. If you stop by, do try the prosciutto sage pork with the spinach potato mash. It was simply delicious.

Sadly I lost the photos of our meal but here's one of my date instead.

Quite the pretty view if you ask me.

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  1. Wow! This place looks heavenly! I hope to visit some day. I love your off the shoulder top paired with a skirt, it is really cute.
    x Rivania | The Glam Unicorn


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