Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A few things I have in mind...or plans?

Well, I know very very well that this blog is very new and it hasn't really gained much popularity, I never expected it to do so. It's hardly one month old so it would be pretty pathetic of me to complain. However, I'd be very grateful to whoever decides to visit and take some time to read a post. It would mean a lot to me. Besides, I bet none of the super famous blogs became known from the very first day of its creation. Concerning these 'few things' I have in mind, well, I consider to expand maybe a little bit the material of this website. Rather than monopolize viewers' interest with hot buys and fashionista atricles. I'm thinking of uploading pictures of me in different outfits and sharing my ideas with you. How about that? I'm not really sure, though. There are quite a few things I need to get in order asap. You see, aside from Internet, I have some personal life, REAL life I get to live and my priorities sometimes keep me off my beloved computer. But I never forget you guys, (I know some of you out there) who have truly supported me so much. Thanks Hilary, thanks Ingrid, thanks Emma, thanks Chloe, thanks to you all girls, you deserve it!

xoxo Athena :)

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