Monday, August 2, 2010

Feeling blue..

I'm sorry guys for the lack of posts lately, but you see, I'm on vacation and I hardly have so much time to feed the blog. I'm trying though, and I swear I won't neglect it throughout the rest of the summer. I love you for staying tuned and leaving comments, I really appreciate it. The past couple of months the visiting has really increased and so have the followers, which is very, very exciting. Thank you and I hope you understand.

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Dress: Massimo Dutti
Necklace: Vintage
Ballet flats: Roger Vivier
Hobo bag: Zara
Golden cuff: Topshop
Pink bracelet: Victoria&Albert Museum (London) gift shop




  1. Your outfit looks AMAZING super cute sweet girlie!

    Enjoy your vacation.

  2. agapaw to forema,so cute!!!
    exeis poly wraio stylaki ki eisai mono 15 :O
    kai synonomath :P
    kalh synexeia!


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