Friday, October 4, 2013

How to wear it: Midi

Midi length is a trend that's been around for a couple of seasons and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Remember the times when all we wanted was to wear shorter and shorter skirts and dresses and mini was the only way to go if you opted for 'cool'. Midi skirts were always associated with older age, older decade, conservatism and definitely not any coolness whatsoever. 

It's funny how things turn around in fashion as trends come and go. Now wearing a mini is not outdated but a rather safe and quite predictable choice. Not that it's a bad thing, we all wear minis every day. But midi now holds a certain allure it never did before, that of a hip trend that only fashion-savvy girls will pull off. Plus let's not forget its practical value: you're not afraid if your underwear will show, it's always appropriate and for those that don't have Blake Lively's legs it's a lifesaver!

How to wear it: Midi

Topshop leopard bodycon dress, €52 / √Čtoile Isabel Marant long sleeve crop shirt, €300 / Vince Camuto sleeveless plaid shirt, €33 / Skirt, €115 / Daniele Carlotta pleated chiffon skirt, €270 / Pumps, €100 / Zara mustard yellow pumps, €74 / Topshop ankle booties, €105 / MICHAEL Michael Kors handbag, €380 / Zara messenger bag, €44 / White cuff bracelet, €7,39 / Suzanna Dai handcrafted jewelry, €135

As you're probably familiar with this type of post now, you will realize that once again I decided to go with three different looks that each addresses a different age/style/personality. 

First comes the hip, fashion-savvy girl-next-door whose identity can vary in age since I don't find this look exceptionally limiting. I don't understand why a 40 year old woman cannot pull off this look, it seems very appropriate and even if she doesn't wanna go all out with those bright bright heels she can choose a ballerina or a loafer instead that will last her all day.

Second comes the comme-il-faut, Lily Van Der Woodsen (gossip girl lovers will understand) look that leans towards the formal side but at the same time isn't too formal/evening for one to wear during daytime. I always love unpredictable color combinations, hence the green animal print with the yellow pumps. The dress' print is quite overpowering on its own so accessorizing can be kept to an acceptable minimum.

Third goes the obviously teenager/hipster outfit that all self-respecting rock/grunge chicks envy. A hard one to pull off nonetheless, but a head-turner when done right.

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Which other trends would you like me to feature in a 'how to wear it' thread?


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