Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Post #2: The New Party Makeup

Hello beauties,

Holiday season is the most glamorous party season of the year and I found nothing more appropriate to talk about in today's post other than the most on-trend, fun and fresh makeup looks the beauty world has to offer.

Party makeup during winter revolves around two options: red/berry lips and smokey eyes. Usually around Christmas the looks become even more glamorous: the lips deeper and glossier and the lids shinier and sparklier. It's all about that festive, holiday look that is so widely coveted.

However in this post I wanted to show you a few ways to change up those classic, stereotypical-almost holiday party makeup looks and try something fresh and exciting. Makeup is for playing around, after all.

I drew my inspiration mainly from the runway and the red carpet, because usually those are the places where you will easily come across something never-seen-before.


Lately, I've been obsessed with that rosewood color that is not quite red yet it's not quite brown either. It stands in the middle and it usually has a subtle pinky undertone. It's a very nice color for those times when you still want to focus your makeup game on your lips while trying something other than the classic red lip. I find this particular shade very flattering on a lot of skintones and very pretty when sheered out for a daytime occasion. Pair with a metallic eyeshadow and a neutral blush for that perfect, sophisticated look.


Metallics for winter isn't exactly news (which reminds me of Miranda Priestly in TDWP: "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.") but they are an often-neglected option for those holiday parties. A cream metallic shadow topped with some glitter in the same tone can really give this almost wet look to the lids that has a gorgeous effect and a slightly futuristic vibe. To take it to the next level, drag the eyeshadow a bit further out of the outter corner of your lid trying to ellongate the shape of your eye and create sort of a cat-eye look. With a blending brush, make sure you really soften the edges, making the look really diffused and blown-out. Some black liner really close to the lashes and a heavy dose of mascara and the look is pretty much done.


Or as I like to call it, the rockstar look. The key to getting this look right is to make it seem effortless in a "I woke up like this" (#FLAWLESS) kinda way. It basically comprises of a smudgy black liner on your upper and lower lashline and stained berry-toned lips. The effect is sultry without being 'perfect'. Because both eyes and lips are quite pronounced, don't overdo it with the brows and the cheeks. Just groom your brows and apply a sheer, neutral blush (or if you're comfortable - skip blush altogether) and you're all set.


Holidays are all about the glitz and glam, so packing the shine where needed feels right. However it is best that this is done in a subdued way that still looks demure and classy. No one wants to see a discoball where your face should be. Stay away from the chunky glitter and the heavy shimmer. It's all about that soft-focus glow that almost seems natural - but it isn't (shh don't tell anyone). The best way to achieve that look is to prime your face with an illuminating primer (check options below) and then go in with a dewy foundation. If you have oily skin remember to dust a little bit of powder on those areas that tend to get greasier. If you still feel like adding some sheen, take a powder or cream highlighting product and apply to the high points of your face: top of the cheekbones, nose, temples and cupid's bow.


This look is for those edgy gals who are not afraid to try something bolder. This is also a lovely look for girls with small/medium-sized eyes because it changes their shape by making them more almond-like and foxy. For those who are more timid, you can do the same technique with a softer color such as grey, taupe or brown. To make the wings even and get a sharp even line on both sides, you can add some scotch tape at the sides of your lids (where you want your liner to end), do your makeup and then remove it. If the lines are too crisp take a small blending brush and soften the edges. Again the focus is on the eyes, so try a nude lip/cheek with this one.


Smokey eyes are a holiday season staple and one of my favorite looks too. The result is sexy, gothic and eerie. For a fresher take on this classic look, try to vary your shades. Instead of your charcoal black color, opt for a violet or an emerald tone to make it more interesting. If the color seems off-putting, line with black liner your top and bottom lashline and it will all come together. Dewy skin and a nude lip complement this look perfectly.

Did you find any of these ideas interesting?
Which one your favorite party look?


  1. Oh what a wonderful post! I love the inspiration. :)
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  2. I'd love to try all of these! Especially the lived in look, which is surprisingly difficult to achieve haha.

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