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Holiday Post #3: Celebrity-inspired Partywear

Hello lovely readers,

How are you? There are only 15 days left 'till Christmas! Whaaaa!!! Time has really flown by, I can't believe we're already almost halfway through December. It feels like yesterday when I was making all these posts about Fall and we were talking about our favorite pumpkin spice-scented things.

I postponed making this post because I didn't wanna share it with you too soon, but now it feels like I'm kinda late to the party (pun intended, hehe). I've been obsessing over partywear for the past few weeks, I'm constantly scouring websites to see what's on offer, what new styles are available, what new things I could possibly try this year etc.

Let's be honest, when you think of party outfits you think of dresses and sparkly things. And black. Lots of black. However I did my best to deviate from that and present you some alternative options for your glamorous, champagne-infused nights. Christmas parties and New Year's Eve is when you can go all va-va-voom and not feel one bit ashamed of it.

I chose my favorite celebrity looks for you to draw inspiration from, since on nights like these, we tend to feel a little bit like celebrities ourselves. I hope there's something in there for each of you, I really tried to keep it somehow varied, even though the partywear looks are somewhat limited. As per usual, I've provided you with a mini collection underneath each look that includes similar and mostly affordable items you can purchase in case you're interested.


Selena Gomez

Despite the fact that I'm usually not drawn to colors like this one, I was stunned by this glossy orangey red Selena sports in the image above. It looks polished, girly and youthful and it would be a fantastic pop of color against the sea of black dresses that are seen at every party.

Holiday Partywear: The Little Red Dress by fashionistalooks on


Julianne Moore

We all know about sequins and sparkles during party season, they're a staple. But did you ever give a more colorful number a thought? The ombre/gradient effect trend is so in style and it looks gorgeous especially in blue-y/green hues. Why not look like a sexy sea creature if you can? 


Taylor Swift

 Lace is another evening wear staple but there are always a few ways you can freshen up an all-time-classic. Try a romantic, patchwork cream colored lace dress with long sleeves for a sophisticated and ladylike look. Pair with nude accessories and a red lip and you'll be the class act of the evening. It's a look you just can't go wrong with.

Holiday Partywear: All Lace Everything by fashionistalooks on


Blake Lively as Serena Van Der Woodsen in "Gossip Girl"

If you thought that the only option for a party look is a dress, you thought wrong. Sometimes we get too caught up in the rules and what is popular, we neglect that being different is actually a good thing. An LBD might be nice and all but with a look like Blake's there won't be one head that won't turn. Do not think that a pantsuit won't show off your assets. It will as long as it is fitted in all the right places. A plunging neckline is perfect for an outfit like this, because it adds to the wow factor.


Kim Kardashian
I couldn't help but fall in love with this sultry and elegant two-piece that Kim K recently wore to an event. It's a new take on a simple, classic black maxi dress. The thigh-high slit gives it an extra oomph and the gold accessories complement it perfectly. TIP: keep the hair and makeup really fresh and minimal with this look.


Nina Dobrev
Whoever said flowy maxis are only for summer didn't check out Nina's gorgeous dressy maxi skirt look. Try a silkier, shinier version of a maxi skirt and you won't miss. It looks ethereal and romantic and it's a great way to fake a gown. You get to feel like a princess and earn style points. Who can turn that down?

I'm all over jumpsuits at the moment, and I could not pass up on a beautiful ivory halter neck jumpsuit like the one Emma is wearing. I've never owned a jumpsuit before but I'm seriously thinking of going for it for New Year's Eve. New year, new look! Love this particular outfit because in its simplicity it looks modern and classy and there's a hint of boho to it as well. I can definitely picture someone like Vanessa Hudgens sporting that with a few chain necklaces, multiple rings and a fishtail braid. Because why the hell not?

What are you gonna be wearing to this season's parties?
Let me know in the comments!

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