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Spring 2016 Trends How-To: Day-to-Night

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Long time, no see. How are you enjoying Spring so far? As the weather becomes warmer and warmer we find ourselves daydreaming about summer: long beaches, messy braids, tan skin, watermelon, frozen margueritas, effortless outfits and so on.

This is a very exciting season for me. I've found myself drawn to many of the hot Spring '16 trends and I can tell my wallet is already protesting. What I love about Spring and Summer style is that it's uncomplicated, unfussy, light, ethereal. At least that's my romanticized idea of it. There are so many streetstyle staples around these days: the denim mini skirt, the bomber jacket, the cropped flared jeans, the poplin cut-out shirts etc. But how do you take these items from street to evening chic? That's the challenge I'd like to tackle today.

Of course these aren't the only options, just mere suggestions. The possibilites are endless and they're entirely up to you. As you scroll through this post, you will find that often there are multiple trends combined in an outfit, even though the focus is on only one in each set. I did that so you can see how you can wear all these different trends together. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments section.


Cropped flares are basically the biggest jean trend we've seen in a while. They have a lightness to them while the cropped cut ellongates the leg, especially when paired with heels. It's fairly easy to style this streetstyle must during the day but questions arise once the sun has set. It's actually quite simple: find a fabulous metallic top, a pair of long earrings and high heeled mules (another huge trend this season), add a pop of color and you're good to go.

SS '16 Trends Day-to-Night: Cropped Flared Jeans


This season things are getting very shiny. Metallics are no longer exclusive to eveningwear, quite the opposite actually. This hot trend is cooler when worn during day time, but that can prove to be a tad difficult in the real world. The easiest answer to that is accessories. Silver brogues for example, another shoe du moment, are equally comfy and fabulous. In the evening things are much easier. Don't worry about mixing and matching more metallics in one look, as it actually renders the effect cooler and more hip.

SS '16 Trends Day-to-Night: Metallics


We thought that trend was long gone but fashion always surprises us so here we are again. It's a piece that's very wearable, cute and girly, but it can err on the side of 'too casual'. Not to worry though, as a fancy top and a pair of chunky, colorful heels can create a very youthful and effortless look, perfectly appropriate for a night out with the girl squad.

SS '16 Trends Day-to-Night: Denim Mini Skirts


Hardly a newcomer since since bomber jackets have been a thing for several seasons now, but this spring you feel as though you have to own one. Admittedly they are a fun change from the same old leather jacket and they add that so-called athleisure vibe to any outfit. They look even cooler in the evening but if you really want to make a statement, a silver bomber is all the rage right now (thanks Gucci).

SS '16 Trends Day-to-Night: Bomber Jackets


Okay if I could call one trend the trickiest to pull off this season it would be the whole pajama thing. We had spotted it in Fashion Month sightings before and occasionally on the red carpet (Rihanna comes to mind) but it's definitely not been a trend with a massive appeal until now. During daytime you could totally opt for the laid-back, relaxed look by adding a pair of slipper shoes to the mix while in the evening you could pair with boudoir hues, a sharper blazer thrown over the shoulders and sexy heels.

SS '16 Trends Day-to-Night: Pajamas


This Spring it's all about pants: cropped, flared, wide-leg, denim, pyjama and what have you. The culottes are definitely here to stay. They're so comfy and versatile, they are a true day-to-night champion. In the daytime a light turtleneck and a pair of oxfords make for exceptional workwear chic while a lace cami, a skinny scarf and heels transform the look into a sexy and elegant combination.

SS '16 Trends Day-to-Night: Culottes


Opposite the young and hip denim mini, there's the sophisticated, flowy, demure pleated midi skirt. During those day walks, a colorful number combined with a crisp white shirt and sandals are as lovely and as spring-ready as can be, while for your evening outings chiffon and lace will do the job.

SS '16 Trends Day-to-Night: Midi Pleated Skirt


Stripes are a rather self-explanatory trend, although they're often associated with nautical themes, especially come summer. No need to limit yourself though to said styles since you will find out that this season there's more to it than mariniere tops. A pair of dressy striped culottes is bound to make a bold statement that will enthuse.

SS '16 Trends Day-to-Night: Stripes

If you found this post interesting or helpful please let me know in the comments! Would you like me to do more of these types of posts in the future? Do tell!

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