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Gift Guides For Everyone

Hello my lovely readers,

Feeling festive yet? Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year and I'm beyond thrilled that we're finally entering into full-on holiday season. I can't wait for fairy lights everywhere, cozy nights in with hot cocoa, Christmas food, music and all that jazz. But most of all I crave that warm, fuzzy feeling that you get around Christmas, that positive spirit that makes every day special and everything seem nicer. It's as if only for a month problems seem to go away a bit. 

And part of the Christmas spirit -or rather the core of it- is, of course, giving. Making the effort to get something for a loved one that you know will please them, giving to charity or even the simplest act of kindness towards a stranger in need is what this season is all about. And that doesn't have to be a religious thing, it should only come from the heart.

Okay, enough cheese for now, let's get onto my Holiday 2016 gift suggestions! I tried to make these as inclusive as possible but still edited so they don't seem overwhelming. From a huge array of stuff I narrowed down my top picks for everything from homewear to beauty to loungewear to boys. As you may notice I refrained from adding fashion suggestions, since fashion is something so personal that I can't suggest anything 'universal'; only you know your friend/relative's style! To be honest, I personally don't often gift people clothing/shoes (especially women) unless I know their style and size very well. 

Gift Guide: Home: The Colorful Edition

Obviously people's taste in decor and homeware varies but I at least tried to categorize all my home finds so there would be options for both people who have a more vibrant sense of style and those who prefer more subdued tones. Hopefully a few of the items above will cater to folks who like a boho element or those who favor a retro quirky touch.

The Selfidges china set would definitely be a sound option for someone with a British taste (and there are tons of colors and combinations on the website too) but the Zara Home jewelry box is basically custom-made for anyone with a love for bohemian colorful things (and who will probably have a knack for jewelry - duh!). My personal favorite though is the ramen bowl, anyone who has an appetite for the Asian cuisine and aesthetic will appreciate it rather highly.

Gift Guide: Home: The Minimalist Edition

This assortment of home goods is obviously geared towards the minimal, scandi crowd which prefers a rather neutral palette. The most incredible find in this one is the tapas bowl set, a bargain at 21 euros and perfect for a hip person who loves entertaining and hosting cool parties. The Yankee Candle set features two lovely clean and crisp scents that would look - and smell- lovely in any home without being exclusive to the holiday season. Zara Home is also a lovely spot for chic and relatively inexpensive options while the rose quartz coasters, although pricy, are gorgeous and a wonderful gift for anyone who likes shiny things.

Gift Guide: Beauty

The beauty gift guide was probably the most challenging to put together since there are so many taunting options, it was really difficult to narrow them down. I believe skincare is a bit tough to get right since everyone's skin is so different but the FAB kit is a good value and seems to suit a big array of skin types. NUXE products always feel and smell luxurious without breaking the bank so I found the gift set above to be an excellent present for someone who loves self-pampering (featuring the Nuxe reve de miel aka the best lip balm ever!). As for makeup, I would skip most gift sets which often include small sized products and pick out a couple of full sized products that I know the gift-receiver will love and maybe throw them in a cute makeup bag to round out the gift! For those who really love makeup and experimenting Morphe Brushes make huge and truly bargainous palettes, while Zoeva offers brilliant brush sets. If you want a palette that does it all, look no further, Stila makes the best, featuring four eyeshadows, two blushes and a highlighter, all decently sized and in different variations so there's something for everyone.

Gift Guide: Lounge

This is probably my favorite one because I have a soft spot for all things fluffy and cozy. If Oysho ships to your country, it is the mecca for cute, fuzzy things. It's my go-to spot for pj's, knickers and robes. Here I included a festive-ish jumper, plaid sweatpants and ultra-christmassy fleece socks. Inexpensive dressing gowns can also be found at Dorothy Perkins' which feature similar designs. If you know someone who struggles with their sleep, the "sleep tight" gift set by thisworks would be a thoughtful and kind gift. And when in doubt, a nice pair of furry slippers will always do the job.

Gift Guide: Men

When I did a similar gift guide last year a couple of people pointed out to me that men are harder to shop for. I've personally never had a problem with shopping for a guy before, because most of the time they've let me know what they want - which is usually pretty straightforward. However if you're pondering, I aimed to offer suggestions that tend to be people-pleasers. If the guy you want to gift to has a beard, maybe they will find a beard grooming product handy. For a traveller, a leather case for his passport or a travel kit will be more than appreciated. If your guy is into candles -yes some men are!- Yankee Candle Midsummer's night is a sensual, moody scent that has that 'manly' aftershave-like smell to it. And for a more classic, dapper kind of man, a nice tie or a pair of cufflinks will never disappoint.

Hope I helped somehow!

Let me know which of these items you'd be more likely to gift to your loved ones!


  1. So many cute things! Cool gift inspo Athena!

  2. great gift guides!!!
    love the beauty and loungewear ones the most♥
    Selina | Selinas Inspiration


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