Monday, November 13, 2017

Fashion Dupes: Fall/Winter '17-'18 Edition

Hello my lovely fashionable people,

It's been a hot minute since my previous post but I've been working on something that  required a lot of my energy and time and I wanted to present you something complete and well-rounded.

Fashion "dupes" are a rather controversial topic among the fashion community. Some claim that it's essentially theft of intellectual/industrial property and disrespectful to the original creators. Others say that they're democratizing fashion. Note that we're not talking about "fakes" here and illegal products that pretend to be of a certain brand in order to make money off the label. This is about high street brands namely Zara and Mango that draw their inspiration from designer items with much heftier price tags.

The key difference is that while wildly similar, the much more affordable versions of these high end goods are usually not quite the same. The design is "inspired by" the original not a downright copy. And naturally, the quality and craftsmanship are nowhere near the same. But sometimes when an item is too trendy to be considered an investment, is it worth it to dish out hundreds if not thousands of euros for what's gonna be a one-season affair? That's up for discussion. While there's no doubt that a camel coat or a Chanel bag never lose their value, there's plenty in the market now that might as well be a fashion fad and nothing more.

For the most of us however, it's not even a case of "investing" or not. For a college student, "investing" in the real Miu Miu pair of flats isn't even an option. So if Bershka offers a somewhat similar cute version, this uni student will take it.

So to cut this short, here is my round-up of the best fashion dupes on the market right now.

Luxury vs High Street I

Luxury vs High Street II

Luxury vs High Street IΙΙ

Luxury vs High Street IV

Luxury vs High Street V

Luxury vs High Street VI

Luxury vs High Street VII

Luxury vs High Street VIII

Luxury vs High Street IX

Will you be shopping for these or saving up for the real deal? Do tell!

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