Thursday, July 28, 2016

Skopelos Day 4

Well hello again,

I've been so appreciative of the positive feedback my last couple of posts have received and I thank you all for your kind words. During the last month I had almost forgotten how good it feels to blog.
I'm feeling very inspired at the moment and I'm hoping to expand my content and try out new things.
This has always been primarily a fashion blog, but a little change never hurt no one. How many outfits can one post till it gets repetitive and stale?

So on to day four of my Skopelos wanderings..

On the fourth day we were keen to reach one of the lesser known, more quiet beaches where we could really just unwind and enjoy nature. That has been a goal since the beginning and although none of the beaches we went to were extremely crowded, we were still aching to find a place that seemed more "untouched" and far from anything touristy. And Hovolo beach was exactly that.

Located just next to a little village called Neo Klima, Hovolo also required quite a bit of walking from the bus station to get there. The road was lined with oaks and in the background you could marvel at the tall, green mountains that rose.

dress: H&M / hat: H&M / flip flops: Oysho / beach bag (limited edition): GANT 

Seriously I´ve never seen that much greenery on a Greek island in the dead of summer!

Finally we reached paradise.

The waters were more turquoise than most beaches in Skopelos and the white steep rocks thankfully provided plenty of natural shade to keep us cool.

I honestly couldn't get enough of the pretty views.

We never wanted to leave. Can you blame us?

bikini + hat: H&M

However at some point I started to get exceedingly hungry and decided that maybe it was time for us to say goodbye. If we had food and the bus schedule was a little more flexible, we could've stayed there till the sun set. Kinda wish we had.

On our way back I snapped a picture of the village and another little beach where locals were bathing.

It was probably the nicest bathing experience we had during our stay in Skopelos. I'd wanna go back there just for that alone.

Later during the day we hopped out of the hotel for our casual evening walk and dinner so here's the classic look of the night snapshot:

dress: ZARA / shoes: Mango / choker: Stradivarius / mini bag: Accessorize

C'est tout!

There's one last Skopelos post coming your way with some of the prettiest pictures so make sure to follow me on bloglovin'!

Hope you're all doing fabulous.

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