Friday, July 29, 2016

Skopelos Day 5

Okay. I know I said that the previous post was my favorite from the Skopelos series but I've changed my mind. This is the one.

Or maybe I can't choose. And I can't because every day was so damn special and a new little adventure. That's what I love the most about travelling. Every day you discover something entirely new, the possibilites are endless. Misshaps might happen, but at the end of the day you come to cherish it all, the good and the bad.

This trip felt unbelievably short. Technically it was about 5 and a half days which isn't too shabby, but our days were so full we barely had any time to relax and really digest everything. We wanted at least two more days to fully enjoy ourselves and take it all in. Till next time, I guess.

For the time being I'm packing my suitcase to go to my summer house in Ermioni, a picturesque little village by the sea in the Peloponnese. I'll be separated from my boyfriend for about a month while I'm there so I'm feeling kind of bittersweet. I do want to leave the city and enjoy myself but I'll also miss him terribly.

So, day five it is.

On the last (full) day on the island we headed to one of the relatively more popular beaches, Panormos. The scenery wasn't too different from the previous days. Deep waters, pine trees, free sunbeds and really bad coffee. Seriously, coffee is not their strongest suit over there.

It was also kinda windy, although you wouldn't be able to tell from the images.

Thankfully though, this was probably the least tiring beach trip of them all, since there was no walking from the bus stop. So if you're feeling extra lazy and you have no car, this is the beach for you.

This was the last time we swam in the beautiful, northern Aegean waters.

In the evening we decided to grab a drink at one special spot which had caught our eye during the previous days. It's called "Vrahos" cafe-bar  (it means "rock" in English) and it offers probably the best view you can get.

On our way there we also snapped some outfit shots, as per usual.

top + skirt + mules: H&M / bag: Accessorize / cuff: Zara / earrings: Forever21

We started climbing up the stairs and snatched some totally Instagrammable shots.

Oh look who've got here. 

When we got to the top we quickly made sure we got ourselves a table close to the edge so we could get a panoramic view of the entire Skopelos port.

And so we did.


Seriously this place resembled like something from a fairytale. Looking at the pictures nearly brings tears to my eyes. Our trip might have been rather short-lived but the memories will last forever.

Love you, P.

Till our next adventure,

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